News: Kanye West Removes "Fairytale" Film From Blog, "Sorry I Had To Take It Down : (" [Video]

Tuesday, Oct 20, 2009 12:30PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grammy-winning Kanye West has reportedly been forced to take down his Spike Jonze-directed short film We Were Once a Fairytale from his daily blog.

The video shut-down took place on Yeezy's website Monday (October 19) afternoon.

A short film starring the rapper Kanye West and directed by Spike Jonze has been taken down from Mr. West's official Web site almost as quickly and mysteriously as it appeared. The film, We Were Once a Fairytale, is a 14-minute short that was recorded in January. The video popped up on over the weekend, but it has since been pulled. (New York Times)

Ye apologized to his fans with a message and unhappy face posted on the site yesterday.

"WE WERE ONCE A FAIRY TALE," he wrote. "- SORRY I HAD TO TAKE IT DOWN : ( " (Kanye West's Blog)

The film made headlines over the weekend after being posted on various sites including YouTube.

Spike Jonze, the director behind Where the Wild Things Are, has been working on a short film with Kanye West, called We Were Once a Fairytale. It was supposed to debut on iTunes on September 8th, but has only now appeared online. The eleven minute film shows a drunk/high Kanye at a nightclub. He can't control his emotions and thus flops around between different women, who wants nothing to do with him. (Worst Previews)

Aside from acting, the rapper is also prepping the release of his new book, Through The Wire.

Through the Wire is a graphic memoir that illustrates the lyrics of twelve Kanye West songs to tell his story, from his decision to drop out of college to pursue his dreams in music, through his days spent folding chinos at the Gap while struggling at night to make a name as a producer, through the pivotal car accident that eventually set him on the course to stardom and the epiphany of realizing exactly who he had become. Plympton illustrates each of the songs in detail, his vision of Kanye's world. The songs are annotated with explanations of the references in the songs, biographical components that illuminate the lyrics, and their meaning on a deeply personal level. (Simon & Schuster)

Check out a portion of We Were Once a Fairytale below:

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