News: Joe Budden Questions Tahiry's Break-Up Talk, "It's Making 5 Years A Gimmick" [Audio]

Wednesday, Oct 7, 2009 3:05PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Joe Budden has responded to recent interviews in which his ex-girlfriend Tahiry has discussed their break-up and said the media is attempting to exploit their relationship.

During Tahiry's Shade 45 interview on Wednesday (October 7), Budden called in to explain his stance.

"I haven't been updating JoeBuddenTV as much, these websites that I drive traffic to, they just really thirsty to put anything Joe Budden-associated on their site," Budden told radio personality Angela Yee. "They can suck d*ck. I'm listening... I wanna know what's going on right now, what is this interview about? It's about Complex online...It's now, people are gonna ask, whatever people that are representing you are using the break-up as a bargaining chip...It's looking like it's in bad taste, it's making five years a gimmick... You wouldn't like it... Tahiry, listen -- I didn't call to speak to [Tahiry]. Angela, it's not all about all fairness, Tahiry don't know nothin' about nothin'. She trying to be in a game where she don't know a thing about anything...So if you gonna use this as some type of bargaining chip, then you gonna sell a story, get a check for it...Let me tell you something, I do interviews every single day, every day, I do an interview...Good-bye." (Team Yee TV)

Tahiry previously promised she would not talk badly about Budden in interviews.

"I just feel like -- I'm never going to speak bad about Joey," Tahiry promised. "I love him. Five years. It was a long time. We were just growing apart. We were not in the same zip codes. I just didn't feel like after five years we were building that foundation together. For a long time it was, 'Joe, Joe, Tahiry, Tahiry.' When it was beneficial, it was Joe and Tahiry. But you know after five years, you're supposed to feel like you're building something. I didn't feel like we were building anything." (Complex)

Footage of a leaked "break-up" conversation between Tahiry and Budden landed online last month.

"You better not start acting like you're not the f*cking insecure boyfriend that you are," she said in the video. "Get the f*ck away from me. People think I'm crazy because I'm completely f*cking spazzing on camera but you're the f*cking retarded one, you just hide it well. Saying this crazy sh*t, 'Look at Tahiry with two f*cking laptops, she's retarded.' No n*gga, you're retarded. Give me my f*cking phone back and stop playing games with me...Stop recording me, I'm serious. [crying] I'm dead a** serious. You need f*cking help. Stop with this Twitter sh*t about me too because you're f*cking retarded..." (Pulse Report)

She also launched Tahiry TV over the summer with the help of Budden.

"Hey everybody, this is Tahiry and welcome to my world,," she said upon announcing her new site. "Finally here, I mean, it took forever but I was just trying to get it right. Between having the cover of a magazine, having a full time job and being a full time girlfriend to Joe Budden, who I love to death, um, my life has been pretty hectic. But I'm very blessed and I want to thank all my fans. Thank-you to all my Twitters, follow me. Thank-you to all my MySpace buddies, FaceBook buddies, thanks to everybody that made this possible. On my site you'll be able to find photo galleries, the store where you can purchase my posters, my calendar for 2010, which I'm shooting, um, right now. You'll be able to find my upcoming events, you'll be able to leave me any comments, ask me any questions. It's a blog site where I'll be talking about fashion, who's who, news, how I'm feeling, what I'm seeing...Strap on tight and enjoy the ride, welcome." (Tahiry TV)

Check out the conversation below:

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