News: Joe Budden & Lloyd Banks Dead Past Issues At This Is 50 Fest

Sunday, Oct 4, 2009 12:09PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Joe Budden publicly deaded his past issues with Lloyd Banks by having a one on one conversation with the G-Unit emcee last night (October 3) during the This Is 50 Festival in New York.

Writing via Twitter, Budden also thanked 50 Cent for putting together a line-up of various rap acts.

"Nice talk w/ Banks...," Budden wrote Saturday night. "Whole lotta hip hop here.. Just what this game needed.. Thx Fif." (Joe Budden's Twitter)

Budden said he was interested in linking with Banks for a collaboration over the summer.

"I wanna do a song with Lloyd Banks," Budden revealed in a live blog chat on Friday (July 3) afternoon alongside his friend/producer Dough Boy. "I gotta get him, pause. Yeah, that's what I want. I think he's ducking me. I think Banks was dope and then he fell the f*ck off and then he got right back up. So personally, for me, I would want to do a song with him. Nah, he don't got no personality. I'd have to see if I could tear him up [on a record]." (Blog TV)

He previously engaged himself in a short-lived G-Unit beef around 2004 with the release of diss tracks like "Big Shot."

"And as far as Banks and [Young] Buck, I'm done discussing 'em," he rapped. ""I only beef with n*ggas who own publishing/Curtis you a bum, and you almost done/Same artist you dissing exactly's what become...And he can't even step foot in Queens no more/Selling his soul, Banks, don't be proud of your father/Now we all see the Power Of A Dollar." ("Big Shot")

Budden also mended his issues with former Unit member The Game last summer.

"We weren't the best of friends, me and G-Unit, at the time so I guess yeah, I can see how the line was taken out of context," said Budden of a mixtape line which allegedly sparked a beef. "And then Game just dissed me. He felt some type of way about what I said and then he sent some shots my way and vice versa -- yeah it was beef...The other day me and him connected. He reached out we had a great great conversation." (Vlad TV)

Check out Lloyd Banks speaking on his past beef with Joe Budden below:

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