News: Jim Jones Reaches Out To Mase, "I Just Wanna Have A Conversation"

Thursday, Oct 8, 2009 6:23PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Byrd Gang leader Jim Jones has weighed in on the possibility of hitting the studio with fellow Harlem, New York rapper Mase and why it is vital for them to meet face-to-face.

According to Capo, the former rap rivals have not seen each other in a long time.

"Shout-outs to Betha, Betha and Diddy," Jones said in an interview with radio personality Angie Martinez. "I spoke to him, I guess he's trying to do some music and I told him for me to participate in any plan that he got, he gotta sit down in front of me and explain it to me because I can't hear it over the phone. I just wanna have a conversation, [last time] was a long time ago. So I'm not just gonna be MP3ing back and forth no verses just because somebody all of a sudden jumped out of the blue and wants to do some music. It's no disrespect to nobody -- [having a face-to-face] would be a cool thing to do." (Hot 97)

Speaking in a phone interview with DJ Self and Mase last June, Jones extended his hand to the former Bad Boy rap star.

"What's good Beth, what's poppin'," Jones asked in a phone interview towards Mase. "How you feeling? Hey man, that's what's up, I just wanted to tell you I tip my hat to you. I apologize for everything I did when I was younger. You can get my number from Self and sh*t like that. Pardon my French. Pardon, pardon me it's monumental that's why I'ma get off it. You already know Betha, it's nothing but love. Self's got my number, I'm jumping off the line. I'll holla, Jones." (Power 105.1)

In addition to a dispute between Cam'ron and Mase in the late 1990's, another altercation took place nearly five years ago.

In 2004, Cam'ron and his former friend Mase had a falling out over $50,000 that Mase requested for being in one of Cam'ron's music videos. Mase put the beef into the news by conducting an interview at Hot 97, a New York City radio station. During the interview Camron's label mate called in and began a heated on-air argument. Jim Jones accused Mase of fabricating his autobiography and criticized him for using real peoples names in his book. Jones went on to say "you wasn't giving us money, so we went out and got our money." Further insulting Mase by saying that they didn't need him anymore as they were extremely successful in their Diplomats Purple Sizzurp Liquor venture. Jones also claimed that Mase didn't leave Harlem at his own will, but that he was run out in fear of his life after the deaths of his two friends, Baby Mane and Pop Lotti. (Hip Hop Beef)

Diddy recently spoke on his relationship with Mase earlier this month.

"We definitely reunited as friends, he called me and one day said he wanted to apologize for a lot of things we had been through," Diddy explained in an interview. "And I totally accepted his apology. A lot of people didn't understand the hold-up with his contract and everything is that he decided to break out and become a preacher, God bless Mase...I've spoken to [Shyne]. He's not contractually obligated to Bad Boy, but I talked to him more about personal things, not business." (Rap Radar)

Check out Jim Jones & Mase's conversation below:

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