News: Hell Rell On Max B's 75 Year Sentence, "His Lawyer F*cked It Up, You Ain't Supposed To Be Blogging" [Video]

Thursday, Oct 8, 2009 11:30AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Dipset associate Hell Rell recently weighed in on Max B's 75 year prison sentence and said his former Diplomat comrade should have paid for a better attorney.

Despite their differences in the past, Rell also said he was hurt by Max's strict sentence.

"I had a relationship with Max B," Rell said in an interview. "It kinda hurt me [learning the sentence] because he's a young n*gga, came from the struggle just like me, and I don't wanna see no man do time like that. I'm kinda hurt by that, like, d*mn son, 75? They slayed that boy. It's kinda his fault because he ain't pay for his lawyer. He was running around there wavy, doing shows, you had money for a lawyer, you could have got a better lawyer. His lawyer f*cked it up -- you ain't supposed to be blogging. You a lawyer, you blogging, you don't do sh*t like that. That's not gangsta. You supposed to put that money up, you doing shows. Max B did my whole loop, everywhere where I performed, they had him booked. He was doing shows, so he had lawyer money. He coulda bought ten years, n*gga." (Vlad TV)

Focusing on a blog Max and his former attorney Gerald Saluti posted earlier this year, Tony Yayo also questioned the lawyer's practices.

"It's an unfortunate thing that happened to Max B," Yayo said in an interview. "He just had a kid. I f*ck with Max. I f*ck with French [Montana]. I think he had bad representation with his lawyer. What lawyer do you know that's gonna do a blog with you? That's when I think everything got messed up. That blog f*cked it up. You know I'm always in trouble. When I have a case, I don't do no press, nothing. If you don't got a lawyer there telling you, 'Shut the f*ck up,' you're f*cked up. The lawyer was wack. Your lawyer wants to sit there and do a blog with you? [Max's] lawyer may not have been the one to handle a homicide." (MTV)

A donation MySpace site has been created pleading fans for their financial support.

"Dear Max B Fans," a posted message reads. "We have been given a second chance to get Max B a new trial. Judge Carroll, the presiding judge over Max B's case, has given us 22 days to retain a new legal counsel for a new trial. The 75 years sentence will be set aside. If you want to Seriously Free Max B now is your chance to show your love & support. We are urgently asking all Max B fans to show your support by sending dollars to his Legal Defense Fund. If you are unable to send a donation at this time, we are asking that you kindly forward this message to all of your friends on MySpace. Lets spread the word & really Free Max B. Thanks, Miss Sharon Wingate & Family" Another message reads '$1 per fan will get me out of jail.' (Free Max B 140 MySpace)

Both Max and his step brother were handed their sentences in early September.

Both Charly Wingate and Kelvin Leerdam looked resigned when Superior Court Judge Harry G. Carroll sentenced them in Hackensack, New Jersey. Wingate said he was not happy with his attorney, Gerald Saluti, and fired him during the hearing just before he received his sentence. Witnesses during trial testified that [the victims] David Taylor and his friend, Allan Plowden, were seen in Harlem a few days before the robbery, driving expensive cars and showing off a lot of cash. Leerdam's attorney, Jennifer Bonjean, said her client deserved some leniency because he was only 21 at the time of the incident. Carroll, however, handed out a stiff sentence, saying Leerdam took a firearm with him to the hotel "and did not hesitate to use it." (North Jersey News)

Check out Hell Rell speaking on Max B below:

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