News: Former Bad Boy Writer Talks Shyne Relationship, "He Had Become A Younger Brother To Me" [Video]

Monday, Oct 26, 2009 11:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former Bad Boy rapper Mark Curry recently described his relationship with Shyne, who is reportedly being deported to Belize, and said the rapper wants no business ties with Diddy.

Speaking with hip-hop personality Gyant, Curry said he viewed Shyne as a "younger brother" during their stint on Bad Boy Entertainment in the late 1990's.

"Shyne used to be in the house with me," Curry explained in an interview. "Shyne had became like a younger brother to me to this day I still love Shyne like I love my little brother because me and him lived in a house together and I was the older one in the house...If [Diddy] does have a check waiting for him, Shyne probably made enough money off of who he is now that [he] don't need to take your money. I recently heard Shyne say 'Who is Diddy? He don't exist.' So when he comes home, I don't think Puff can have anything to do with [him.]" (Gyant Unplugged)

According to radio personality Miss Info, details on when Shyne will be forced to leave the United States have not yet been revealed.

Shyne's team is fighting to stay in the US where his mother and his grandmother live and where they raised him....but it seems like he's going to have to continue the fight from Belize. Shyne will be released from Immigration custody but will then be deported to Belize soon. He has Harvard Professor Charles Ogletree advocating on his behalf in concert with his legal team. They're still urging fans to reach out to Governor Patterson's office to petition for Shyne's pardon, but deportation is imminent. (Miss Info TV)

Shyne's uncle, Michael Finnegan, recently updated the media on his nephew's situation.

"All the lawyers who were dealing with his immigration problems, they are totally off the case now," he revealed in an interview. "The matter is placed squarely in the hands of Professor Ogletree. All legal options or legal directions or whatever the case may be in terms of legal movements, these are now in the hands of Professor Ogletree. He has stepped in totally, he was given permission to deal with the situation in all its aspects. Jamaal's father who is the Prime Minister [of Belize] is one of the best attorneys in this country and I would want to believe he has total confidence in Ogletree, and I believe the family knows what it is doing." (Belizean)

Curry's new book Dancing With the Devil also speaks on his experiences on the roster and Diddy's business habits.

"Even worse, Puff charged the artists for his appearances on their records and in the videos, usually without their realizing it until they received their royalty statements," the first chapter reads. "That's when they discovered that a large sum of their money had gone to fees which were doubled, tripled and even quadrupled because of Puff "special guest appearance. He charged artists, for example, for having his Bentley in their videos -- which he insisted upon -- then took a tax credit for business use of the car." (Dancing With the Devil)

Check out Mark Curry's interview below:

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