News: Former Bad Boy Ghostwriter Exposes Diddy, "Biggie Was Already On His Way Out The Door" [Video]

Monday, Oct 5, 2009 10:40AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former Bad Boy rapper Mark Curry recently took aim at Diddy by exposing the rap mogul's business habits and his estranged relationship with the late Biggie Smalls.

According to Curry, Biggie was trying to depart from Bad Boy and create his own record company with Junior M.A.F.I.A. prior to being fatally shot in 1997.

"Biggie was already on his way out the door," Curry said in an interview. "And I just remember the stories of when Biggie would want money from Puff -- and they would be doing a show and Biggie wouldn't show up to the show until ten minutes before the show and Puff would be like 'Where is he at, where is he at?' and that's where he would be his leverage. Like, Biggie knew that Puff needed him... If you break it down and look at the situation for what it truly is, Biggie Smalls made Bad Boy. Bad Boy is Biggie Smalls... A person like Mase that come to Puff and wants a record deal, automatically is willing to do anything he's gotta do to have that deal because he automatically -- he asked him for a record deal. So you gotta look at it like, you willing to sell your soul for this sh*t right here." (Gyant Unplugged)

During his experience on Bad Boy, Curry claims the artists were not financially stable.

"I think the only person, man, that came away and walked off with a little bit of money is Mase and that's praise God for the church, because you know on Sundays, when they be taking that offer, that's good money," Curry said in an interview last winter. "So we can't say he's not doing nothing. As far as any other artists, if you can tell me another Bad Boy artist that's doing good, I'll listen to you, other than that, I can't waste my time trying to think 'cause I don't think there's one that exists." (Daily Motion)

Curry's new book Dancing With the Devil also speaks on his experiences on the roster and Diddy's business habits.

"Even worse, Puff charged the artists for his appearances on their records and in the videos, usually without their realizing it until they received their royalty statements," the first chapter reads. "That's when they discovered that a large sum of their money had gone to fees which were doubled, tripled and even quadrupled because of Puff "special guest appearance. He charged artists, for example, for having his Bentley in their videos -- which he insisted upon -- then took a tax credit for business use of the car." (Dancing With the Devil)

He was a Bad Boy artist for nearly a decade.

Mark Curry is an Atlanta-based entertainer who was signed to the Bad Boy Entertainment record label from 1997 until 2005. He wrote most of Diddy's first hit singles, including "Come With Me" from the 1998 Godzilla soundtrack featuring Led Zeppelin. (Mark Curry)

Check out Mark Curry speaking on Diddy below:

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