News: Fat Joe Explains "J.O.S.E. II" Delay, "I Had Conflicts W/ The Record Label"

Monday, Oct 12, 2009 5:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Terror Squad leader Fat Joe has stepped forward to reveal the setbacks he faced getting J.O.S.E. Part II on to shelves and explain how EMI Music caused him problems.

While not being specific, Joey Crack said there conflicts with the record label.

"I'm the king of not pointing fingers," Joe said in an interview. "I feel you gotta be a man whether you win or lose. I hate people who have bumpy starts or not the success they used to, and start pointing fingers at the record label. I take it on the chin. I'm a stand-up guy. I had conflicts with the record label -- let's not say the workers, the staff, they good people, but the guys up top. We had it out a few times with this project right here." (MTV)

Joe hinted at record label problems during an interview earlier this month.

"I've realized something really, that, [50 Cent is] my number one fan and really loves Fat Joe," Joey told radio personality Angie Martinez. "I'm really tuned in to that, I really came to that realization that he's my number one fan because I'm a little upset at the label, I felt we could have did way more promotions, but if you didn't know Fat Joe's album was coming out today, I think he said, 'Yo, my man Joe needs this little bit of promotion man, like he's so much of a formidable opponent, that you know, I gotta keep this guy around, I gotta go promote his new album.' Absolutely. Promotions. Nah, thank-you 50, man, major promotions, you really bigged me up. Nobody was thinking about me before that, thank-you, I love you. J.O.S.E. II in stores right now." (Hot 97)

EMI also explained its anticipation for releasing the project in a statement last winter.

"We are thrilled to be backing Fat Joe's latest creation and continuing EMI's relationship with him," said Dominic Pandiscia, senior vice president and GM of EMI Label Services. "He's a significant musical and cultural force whose appeal cuts across so many different genres and fans. This is a great record and the response is terrific." (Press Release)

The project suffered from multiple push-backs from April, May, June and finally October 2009.

"The album will be in stores April 7," Fat Joe said last February. "I've just been making that hit mania...It just feels big. My first album Jealous Ones Still Envy was my biggest album and I haven't did no album to this day that I felt I made music as big as that. So I just went hit mania on this one right here. It feels great." (Jenny Boom Boom)

Check out a recent Fat Joe interview below:

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