News: Drake Clears Up 2Pac "Fear" Name Drop, "A Lot Of People Don't Understand The Meaning Of That Line"

Wednesday, Oct 14, 2009 9:30PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Young Money's Drake has clarified his recent Tupac Shakur name drop on the song "Fear" and said fans should not take the mention as a diss toward the late rapper.

According to Drizzy, his age was the reason he did not become emotional when Pac passed away in 1996.

"A lot of people also sort of don't understand the meaning of that line," Drake said in an interview. "It's not necessarily that I don't love West Coast hip-hop or that I don't love 'Pac now that I'm 22, but that line was just said to show how new I am to hip-hop. And like I said, I was 9 when that happened, so it didn't really affect me. But that song in general was just one of those things that took awhile to finish because it was an opportunity to say a lot of the things on my mind. That always feels good as a rapper, when you can get your thoughts out." (MTV)

Drizzy also uses the track to discuss brief thoughts on Slum Village, Jay-Z and Little Brother.

"They want the hits, I play the game," Drake raps. "No auto-tune, but you can feel the Pain/It all comes spilling out like I hit a vein/What up Little Bro[ther], what up Slum Vil[lage]/I hope you know y'all the reason I have fun still/And fans thinking that we all signed for one mil/Equal opportunity, rapping, that sh*t is unreal/That ain't how it works, that ain't how it goes/And I be getting high just to balance out the lows/And I could use a writer just to balance out my flows/But I never share my thoughts, this is all a n*gga knows/And every time I try, it opens up my eyes/These verses are a chance to get remembered and reprised/And I will be performing just as long as I'm alive/So every word I utter will be mine -- I never cried when Pac died, but I probably will when Hov does/And if my tears hold value/Then I will drop one for every single thing he showed us/And I'll be standing in a puddle/I stay away from n*ggas that can land me in some trouble..." ("Fear")

The song is a bonus cut from his re-released album, So Far Gone.

Young Money's Drake suffered a slight eight position drop this week as So Far Gone fell to No. 28 with 21,100. After a month in stores, the re-released retail project has sold 162,300 copies. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

He is currently working on his upcoming album, Thank Me Later.

"I'm able to walk around, so I'm working very hard on the album," he revealed in an interview. "I've been out of the scene for so long because I've been off my leg...Sitting at home in your apartment and having a doctor come over every day and eating healthy and going to the gym -- there's not much of a rap album to be made off that. I have to get my inspiration and start seeing things and going to dinners and meeting people again and just finding stories to tell for this album. I'm trying to make something timeless...[It's] an R&B song...It's sexy. It's slow, but there's an energy to it. I rap on it. Me and Dream both sing on it. It's cool. [It has a] message that's never really been explored by male singers. This song is sort of like an anthem for women, like pre-the club. It's like an anthem for you to be at your house with your girlfriends getting ready, what you listen to before you get there." (Billboard)

Check out Drake's "Fear" song below:

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