News: DMX Sparks Concert Riot W/ Security, "You're Not Gonna F*cking Go On That Stage" [Video]

Sunday, Oct 18, 2009 2:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Ruff Ryders' leader DMX made headlines this weekend after footage of him arriving late and being denied entrance to a performance, which sparked a small riot, landed online.

The incident reportedly took place Friday (October 16) night in Colorado.

Rapper DMX's Colorado Springs concert created a riot after his show was canceled by the concert's management. The reason for the cancellation is still unofficially clear but according to reports, the concert's management couldn't fund DMX's show and decided to cancel his show. In the first part of the video you can see how surprise DMX is when being told about the show. (Rap Weekly)

The footage reveals an alternative perspective as X is told his late attendance caused the performance's cancellation.

"Yeah, well watch me," a security guard warned X. "You're not gonna f*cking go on that stage. You are not gonna get on that stage. You were supposed to be here at 9:30, it is f*cking 11 o'clock. You are not going on. We already got [a riot]." (MaCatic TV)

Aside from the event, X is currently billed to fight in a mixed martial arts match-up later this year against fighter Eric Martinez.

Thunder Promotions recently announced that Alabama Pride: Butterbean vs. Tank Abbott is set to take place on December 12 at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex in Birmingham, Alabama. Headlining the even is a heavyweight match-up between Butterbean and Tank Abbott. Thunder Promotions also announced a celebrity fight between rapper DMX and musician Eric Martinez. (MMA Waves)

Despite the rapper's drug problems in the past, there will reportedly be no health tests administered prior to the match.

Check out DMX's Colorado Springs concert incident below:

Nothing screams freak show fights like a celebrity bout. DMX, the rapper who once was a part of Ruff Ryders, has become better known for his run-ins with the law than his musical talents. Cocaine and marijuana possession, theft, animal cruelty, criminal weapon possession, DUI, parole violations and giving a false name at a hospital are all part of his past. The good news for DMX is that MMA is not regulated in Alabama, which is why freak show fights like this can happen. Drug testing is usually under the control of the state regulatory commissions, so DMX will most likely not have to take a drug test. (Yahoo Sports)

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