News: DJ Kay Slay Thinks Papoose Should Go Indie, "Majors Are Really Geared Towards Southern & High Profile Aritsts"

Friday, Oct 16, 2009 4:10PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Known for helping land Papoose a $1.5 million recording contract with Jive Records in 2006, DJ Kay Slay has now suggested the New York rapper make a move to an independent label.

Kay Slay said he felt the current record label giants are catering more toward a Southern fanbase and big name artists.

"He's grindin', you know, he's just putting everything back in order," Slay said about Papoose. "He's in a different frame of mind now. We recorded a whole lot of records. Putting an album out ain't a problem, it's about putting an album out through a right situation. I think [Papoose would] rather [prefer] an independent than a major. It really don't make no sense to do a major in this time in age...Papoose would do better on an independent right now because majors are really geared towards Southern artists or high profile artists that's been known for selling records. They don't wanna gamble too much with no new artists." (XXL Mag)

According to Papoose, he is no longer going place blame on a record label for not releasing his first retail solo project.

"I just been taking care of every day life," Pap explained in an interview. "I've been putting in that work, laying in the cut, making the right decisions...I'm coming with my album, The Nacirema Dream next year. I'm not sitting around like these n*ggas is doing and crying about these labels and all that. I got a master plan I'm about to put into effect next year, so n*ggas is gonna really see how it's gonna go down with my album. You like it or love it, if you f*ck with me, cop it. And to keep it real with you, the feedback I get from the haters, the people that don't like me, the only thing they say is 'Yo, the n*gga ain't dropped the album yet.' So what they gonna say when I drop it, man? So next year, the album coming. I've been working." (Hip Hop Beef)

Pap recently confirmed his debut album was still on deck despite multiple delays.

"Right now my aim is bigger," Pap said in an interview. "What I got in the works right now is going to shake the ground when it drops. What I'm about to do I feel like nobody is doing right now. I really don't give too much details about it right now, but the announcement will be made real soon. I'm about to make a real power move. I'm coming for you n*ggas, so I hope you're prepared for it. The Nacirema Dream album is coming properly. The fans are going to be proud. I hear the fans complaining, they're always saying, 'Yo, when you going to drop the album?' But I appreciate you waiting for me man. The fans know I'm not an idiot and everything is strategic so that announcement is coming real soon... A lot of people go to Koch and Babygrande and all that, but they're not doing it how I'm about to do it. When I make this move they're going to respect it." (Hip Hop DX)

The rapper's close ties with DJ Kay Slay helped him land a record deal around 2006.

After guest appearing on a few tracks in 2006, including the remix of Busta Rhyme's Top 20 pop-charting single "Touch It," he finally signed a $1.5 million contract with Jive Records in August 2006. His debut album, The Nacirema Dream, was practically already finished, but in the meantime, he held over fans with The Best of Papoose: The Mixtape, a succinct synopsis of his prolific mixtape run. (All Music)

Check out a recent DJ Kay Slay interview below:

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