News: Diddy & Mase Dead Past Issues, "He Called Me One Day & Said He Wanted To Apologize"

Thursday, Oct 1, 2009 11:25AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Diddy recently spoke on accepting an apology from Bad Boy protege Mase and explained why the rapper-turned-preacher's contract complications were not based on any wrongdoing from his end.

Diddy also said Shyne will not be contractually obligated to Bad Boy Entertainment upon his release from prison this month.

"We definitely reunited as friends, he called me and one day said he wanted to apologize for a lot of things we had been through," Diddy explained in an interview. "And I totally accepted his apology. A lot of people didn't understand the hold-up with his contract and everything is that he decided to break out and become a preacher, God bless Mase...I've spoken to [Shyne]. He's not contractually obligated to Bad Boy, but I talked to him more about personal things, not business." (Rap Radar)

Puff recently said Mase reached out to him for guidance with his rap career.

"With the future of Bad Boy I definitely think it's time for me to really come up with a game plan because a lot of things have changed. I got a great legacy that I have to protect. I don't want to sign anything new right now. I'm not making anything new. I just want to come up with a game plan that works for the future of Bad Boy. It could [include Mase]. Mase has called me," Diddy said. "We've spoken. He's basically said, 'Just keep your eye on me. Making this switch, I gotta kinda bear this cross myself for a second. Just watch what I do.' I said, 'I've seen.' He's definitely one of the dopest emcees to ever touch the game. People can't deny that. He's one of the most successful. I've seen people come back from different things in this game. I said, 'Yeah. Without a doubt, I'll keep my eye on you.' I spoke to him today. He's out there working." (MTV)

He also shared his reaction toward Shyne being released from a ten-year prison sentence.

"It's a blessing that he's coming home," Puff told DJ Absolut in an interview last weekend. "I spoke with him a couple weeks ago. He sounded like he was in good spirits. I know he can't wait to get home. And I know he's definitely gonna heat the whole scene up. He's definitely gonna do it, you know what I'm saying, he definitely was one of the most talented young artists that I had the pleasure to work with so I'm quite sure he's been using his time wisely and I'm quite sure he has some heat." (YouTube)

Aside from Mase and Shyne, Diddy recently announced his move to Interscope Records.

Hip-Hop artist and fashion mogul Sean 'Diddy' Combs has signed with Universal Music Group's Interscope Geffen A&M label in a deal which includes his future albums and creates a new joint venture with Combs' Bad Boy label. No financial terms were disclosed and the length of the deal was not disclosed. (Reuters)

Check out Diddy speaking on Interscope with Jimmy Iovine and The Game below:

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