News: David Banner Targets Young Artists W/ "Death of a Pop Star" Album

Friday, Oct 23, 2009 3:40PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Southern rapper David Banner has announced plans to follow in the footsteps of rappers like Drake and Yung Joc by releasing his upcoming album Death Of A Pop Star for free.

The rapper-turned-actor said the project's message is to prove quality-based music is still available despite the emergence of one-hit wonders.

"Me and 9th Wonder are really good friends, and we really got tired of people complaining about the fact that there's no good music. And we started making this album called Death of a Pop Star," Banner said. The album, about the death of young people's music and how it has all been reduced to downloads, was made to prove to everybody that there is still good music being made. And it will cost you nothing. "We're going to give the album away for free," Banner offered. (MTV)

Claiming he cannot legally release music commercially, Yung Joc recently explained his new strategy of dropping free mixtapes.

"Honestly, there is no current situation with Bad Boy right now," Joc explained in an interview. "We've been in talks about me being possibly released. I don't think at the present time that that regime is the right outfit for me at the moment considering I work very hard as an artist and I'm still in a position where I'm not able to put out my music because of some conflicts of interest. Currently at the moment, there are definitely some talks between myself and Bad Boy, the attorneys, to push for a release. Why am I even signed if I can't put my music out? Yeah, I'm being held back in a sense. It's no hard feelings and once again it's no regrets...We in lawsuits, I can't release an album commercially and it is what it is..." (Rolling Out TV)

Drake wrote via his personal blog over the summer to explain his reasons behind re-releasing his free So Far Gone album for retail purchase.

"I also want people to know that I am only releasing this EP so that everyone involved in the project can hold a physical copy of the CD in their hands and see it in the store," he wrote Thursday (August 20). "And for anybody else who feels that So Far Gone marked a moment in time I just wanted to give you the option to have the disc. If you got it for free and want to keep it that way than by all means I urge you too. That was a gift from me to you...Thank Me Later." (October's Very Own)

Banner's last album, The Greatest Story Ever Told, dropped in August 2008.

The first single from the album is called "Speaker", better known by its explicit title "9mm". It features Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne and Akon. The track was produced by Akon. The second single is "Get Like Me", which features Chris Brown. The third single is "Shawty Say", which features Lil Wayne and samples Lollipop. The music video premiered on FNMTV on August 1, 2008. (Wikipedia)

A release date for David Banner's new album has not yet been announced.

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