News: Consequence Explains "Cons TV" Title Change, "I Started Recording Again"

Saturday, Oct 31, 2009 9:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

G.O.O.D. Music's Consequence recently opened up about changing the direction of his new album, Cons TV, from its original concept and how he snagged Q-Tip for his solo project.

According to Cons, the creation of more records led to him re-titling the forthcoming project from Win Some, Lose Some.

"Win Some, Lose Some was initially the record, but immediately out of the gate, I started recording again," Cons explained in an interview. "It was going to be an exact follow up to Don't Quit Your Day Job, with skits and characters, Mom, actual rappers and the whole concept together. It was continued from that point, the first record on the album called 'Mama I Leave Soon.' Basically a sequel to Day Job where I was venturing out to move out on my own and pursuing the artistry - basically, situations like having a girl. I had like 10, 11 songs, good number of records [before changing the direction]... It's funny how we reconnected because our birthdays are a week apart, I was out of town, I was like I'll come back. I've never really done anything for his birthday it's always him doing for me 'cause I was the younger one. I took him out to Nobu, and we ate and we talked, and I had Kyte get a lot of traffic, I introduced him to it. It was one of those great moments where I could be a giver as opposed to a receiver." (Hip Hop DX)

He recently discussed the importance of Cons TV allowing him a second chance to gain fans' attention.

"I got a second chance to make a first impression," Cons said in an interview. "Cons TV, song-wise, individually each record is like its' own, its' own show. That's why I opted to change the title to Cons TV definitely as a salute to what I did online and each record now, is more -- it embodies its' own story." (XXL Magazine)

Aside from Tip, the Cons was able to recruit Kanye West for the project.

"It's a completely different direction, and not just because Q-Tip and Kanye did all the production," Cons explained in an interview. "[The records] are more thematic...The album goes from noon to midnight, every spectrum of television. Songs like 'When You Find a Girl You Love' is like your soap opera. 'On My Own' with Kid Cudi is like the A&E inspirational joint or the PBS self-reflective joint. 'All Up On Me' is the horror show....People will really enjoy it. It's slightly incredible." (VIBE)

Cons previously spoke with SOHH about the album's original title, You Win Some, You Lose Some.

"Day Job came out, I got it out on Sony but the first week was slow- -- you win some, you lose some," he said. "I couldn't get my first single played on MTV -- You lose some. But the 'Good the Bad and the Ugly' makes it to TRL--You win some. I think that's the perfect title for this album." (SOHH)

A release date for Cons TV has not yet been confirmed.

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