News: Busta Rhymes & Rick Ross On Obama's Nobel Peace Prize, "I Ain't See Him Make A Wrong Chess Move Yet [Video]

Tuesday, Oct 13, 2009 12:40PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Busta Rhymes and Rick Ross have shared their reactions to President Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize win last week and expressed its significance.

From Busta's perspective, the president deserved the recognition due to his accomplishments while in office.

"It feels great," Busta said about Obama winning the award. "Everything about Barack Obama, since he's been brought to the awareness level of the people, the politician has been great to me. I ain't really see him make a wrong chess move yet. And I ain't looking forward to him making a wrong chess move but so many right chess moves he has made, we leave room for error. So if he made one, he get a pass on that. He ain't made one yet as far as I'm concerned. Everything feels like it's growing, getting better and it's going in a direction that we want it to go in." (Hip Hollywood)

Ross also said the prize was significant for Barack being the first African American president.

"Nah, that's big for Barack Obama you know what I'm saying," Ross explained. "It's big for the first black president. And the Nobel Peace Prize, that's huge, you know what I'm talking about? So big ups to Barack." (Hip Hollywood)

Rap newcomer Asher Roth shared an opposing opinion on Barack's achievement.

"Didn't know you could win the peace prize by just talking sh*t...," he wrote on Twitter last week. "I'm all for "hope" and "progress" but people have been dedicating their lives for peace - actions speak louder than words - my opinion only...@Cpetty281 I disagree, I think change starts at the basement level - change starts with us, the people - were being manipulated Has nothing to do with "Obama" and everything to do with the "Peace Prize" - change starts with us, the people - who's gon wake up first? Seek truth." (Asher Roth's Twitter)

Barack was recognized for his international efforts last Friday (October 9) morning.

Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday in a stunning decision that honored the first-year U.S. president more for promise than achievement and drew both praise and skepticism around the world. The Norwegian Nobel Committee praised Obama for "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples," citing his fledgling push for nuclear disarmament and his outreach to the Muslim world. Obama, a Democrat who took office as the first black U.S. president in January, has been widely credited with improving America's global image. (Reuters)

Check out Busta Rhymes & Rick Ross speaking on President Barack Obama below:

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