News: Busta Rhymes Brings Nightmares To Victim, Forced To Pay Over $75K For Assault

Thursday, Oct 15, 2009 6:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Flipmode Squad leader Busta Rhymes will reportedly be forced to pay more than $75,000 to a New York resident for assaulting him with bottles and attacking him with water back in 2003.

The decision was reportedly reached  in a New York court room on Wednesday (October 14).

A Brooklyn hearing officer yesterday ordered rap star Busta Rhymes to fork over $75,000 to an Albany man who was doused with water, pummeled with bottles and sucker-punched by the hip-hop star and a bodyguard. The injured man, Alex Duncan, testified that he suffered nightmares and psychological after-effects of the Sept. 13, 2003, attack during a break in a rap concert at SUNY Albany. (New York Post)

For Duncan, the incident has reportedly had an impact on his social life as well.

The former school groundskeeper said that the incident has hindered his ability to have a normal social life because of the constant inquiries from friends and associates. "It's all right," Duncan, said about the $75K he is set to receive. "I wanted something to come out of it. I don't even go to parties anymore, because there's always someone asking, 'What happened to that Busta Rhymes case?' (The Boom Box)

According to reports, there was an initial request for half a million dollars.

Duncan's lawyer, Ronald Hart, had requested $500,000 of the hearing officer, Luigi Marano. Rhymes' lawyer, Robert Kalina, was a no-show for both the trial and yesterday's damages hearing. He did not return a call seeking comment. (Six Shot)

Outside of legal issues, Busta recently shared his reaction to President Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize last week.

"It feels great," Busta said about Obama winning the award. "Everything about Barack Obama, since he's been brought to the awareness level of the people, the politician has been great to me. I ain't really see him make a wrong chess move yet. And I ain't looking forward to him making a wrong chess move but so many right chess moves he has made, we leave room for error. So if he made one, he get a pass on that. He ain't made one yet as far as I'm concerned. Everything feels like it's growing, getting better and it's going in a direction that we want it to go in." (Hip Hollywood)

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