News: Bobby V Re-Unites W/ Ludacris' DTP Artists For New Album, "You Will See A Couple Of Them"

Wednesday, Oct 14, 2009 10:45AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former Disturbin' Tha Peace singer Bobby V recently discussed his intent to hit the studio for a new album and said fans could expect to see him reunite with Ludacris' artists.

While not specifying which DTP acts he is considering as guest slots on his album, Valentino also said there was no bad blood between him and Luda despite leaving the label in 2007.

"This game is all about relationships, you never want to burn your bridges and you never know when your gonna need somebody," he said in an interview. "We never had a falling out anyway. We always was cool and it was just time for me to go my separate way and they respected that. I still talk to [Ludacris and manager Chaka Zulu], all the time and we still family. I'm on Playaz Circles' new single and I'm gonna always be on DTP projects. You will see a couple of them on my album as well. Maintaining relationships is just another key to this game, because you never know when you need somebody... I'm working on my new album and as of right now, I'm working on my new mixtape. The mixtape is called 60 Minutes with Bobby V., which should drop around Thanksgiving or Christmas. It's gonna be crazy for the people and my album should be coming around March or April." (Q The Question)

V parted ways with Luda roughly two years ago.

Despite leaving DTP, Valentino confirmed that the decision was entirely his own and the move away from DTP was good-natured. He describes his time with DTP as a "great stepping stone and learning experience. I look at this as my going off to college. It was time for me to step out on my own and show the world who Bobby Valentino the artist really is." (Billboard)

He later joined forces with EMI Music, home to artists including Twista, Fat Joe and Raekwon.

His first album with EMI, titled The Rebirth and released through his boutique label, Blu Kolla Dreams, was released in February 2009 and featured productions from longtime collaborators Tim & Bob, as well as Carlos McKinney and Raphael Saadiq. (All Music)

With the departure of V and emergence of artists like Lil Scrappy on DTP, SOHH recently spoke with Playaz Circle's Tity Boi to see what impact it had on the music.

"It has nothing to do with us, Scrappy is a cool dude, DTP is a business," he reasoned. "Duffle Bag Boyz and Playaz Circle are doing our thing. They've had Chingy, Field Mob, Shareefa -- they've had a 100,000 motherf*ckers come and go since I've been around and I don't give a f*ck. My family is still gonna eat and we still gonna walk it, we still gonna do what we got to do, Dolla Boy and Tity Boi. Other than that, I f*ck with Scrappy, dude is cool as h*ll and I'm glad he's on the team but that don't do nothin' -- I'm still gonna do me no matter whoever they sign...You don't have to be on the same label to do collaborations in Atlanta." (SOHH)

Check out Bobby V & Playaz Circle below:

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