News: "Black Dynamite" Star Talks Blaxploitation, "These Movies Really Saved Hollywood"

Saturday, Oct 24, 2009 9:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The star of spoof comedy film Black Dynamite, Michael Jai White, recently discussed his issues with the negative views on "blaxploitation" and why his movie is in a league of its own.

According to White, blaxploitation movies are typically mistaken for films like Shaft and Foxy Brown.

"The problem I have with the word is that it seems to encompass movies that don't fall under that category," White said in an interview. "As soon as you hear the title Shaft, people think 'blaxploitation' and that is absolutely unfair because that film was made before the term even existed...These movies really saved Hollywood because the studio system was in trouble and they learned that they had a cash cow with these films. Later they exploited it by making any movie and throwing the term 'black' in front of it and that's what made it exploitive." (CNN)

Director Scott Sanders recently touched on Black Dynamite's motivation.

"No one had done a film on blaxploitation and then Michael took a picture of himself in this exact outfit with nunchucks and that's the first thing I saw," Sanders explained at the film's screening. "That kinda started it all. It just hit me, nobody's ever made a 1970s blaxploitation movie years after the fact. So it was just interesting to revisit it knowing how, given 30, 40 years later like how the world has revolved. Like the comedy of what they thought was gonna happen and how it actually turned out. Like going into the future, in the 1970s people thought in the 1990s we would have hovering cars. Well you go backwards and it's kinda the same thing like they had an expectation about certain things." (SOHH)

The film features a variety of comedians and renowned movie stars.

Black Dynamite cast includes Michael Jai White, Arsenio Hall, Tommy Davidson, Kevin Chapman, Buddy Lewis, Jason Jack Edwards, Andray Johnson, Phil Morris, Lauren Mary Kim, John Salley, Mike Starr, Nicole Sullivan, Nakie Syvonne, Roger Yuan, Cedric Yarbrough and more. (IMDb)

A brief synopsis of the movie's plot has already landed online.

Black Dynamite is the baddest cat to ever hit town. He puts his finger in the ground and turns the whole world around. This ex-CIA commando rules the streets with a 44-Magnum in one hand and nunchucks in the other. With his soul brother brand of Kung Fu, he strikes fear into the hearts of suckers and chumps on both sides of the law, and with his super cool style, keeps the ladies begging for more. When Black Dynamite's brother Jimmy is mysteriously killed, the CIA calls Black Dynamite back into action. Tracing a bullet casing left at the scene of the crime, Black Dynamite finds himself battling pool hall thugs, pimps, pushers, and monsters. (IGN Movies)

Check out a trailer for the new film below:

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