News: 50 Cent On Jay-Z, "[He's] The Coolest Punk in Hip-Hop" [Audio]

Thursday, Oct 1, 2009 10:50AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

50 Cent has responded to Jay-Z's recent claim that no one is intimidated by the G-Unit leader saying fans forced Hov to publicly make that statement.

In addition to speaking on why Hov called out his image, Fif also said incidents such as Lil Mama hopping on stage with the rapper would not occur.

"It's obvious that my music isn't recognized," Fif told radio personality Angie Martinez. "The art, itself, they don't like, look at the award shows, I've been nominated for 13 Grammys, and I have no trophies. That's why I made a statement about Taylor Swift. I said if I was actually up there, he wouldn't come take my trophy, Kanye West. And Jay disagrees. He should address the guy that made him feel like a punk, where he had to make it clear that nobody is scared of 50 Cent because that person was making it seem like maybe he's afraid, or Kanye West is afraid of 50 Cent and it wasn't 50 Cent and the public misinterprets it. See, what we have, like you know how rock n roll has punk rock? Hip-Hop has cool punk and Jay's the coolest punk in hip-hop. His presentation makes people decide to say, because he's big, he's big and his take on it is bigger than the actual art form so there are things that the artists will do like the battling has always been a part of the culture. And it doesn't happen because it just looks like words from Slick Rick, these 'peasants.' It doesn't bother me, it's his choice. But when he has to say 'No one is scared of 50 Cent,' it's because the public is responding to his punk presentation. It's not 50 Cent, I don't have a problem with him. Kanye would not take the trophy from me, neither Jay-Z, neither one of them. We would have had an altercation right there. Lil Mama would not hop on a 50 Cent stage...All these things are happening because he's comfortable, he's becoming more approachable." (Hot 97)

While speaking with radio personality Trevor Nelson last month, Hov said no one should be intimidated by 50.

"I think he would have done that if that was 50 Cent, no one's scared of 50 Cent," Jay explained. "I want everybody to be clear, no one's scared of 50 Cent. So I just think that's what he believed. I think it was rude, I thought it was in appropriate. And I told him this much, but I don't think he was wrong." (BBC 1)

Fif previously explained his reaction to Ye's on-stage outburst.

"Even an apology can't replace what it feels like for the very first time receiving that award. Now in her head, 'My first award was Kanye West.' And it's damaging, I wish he would come take one of my awards so I can black his eye and in front of everybody..." (Much Music)

Other rappers including Fat Joe have called out Fif's "bad guy" image.

"Rick Ross is my brother," Joe said in an interview last winter during the Ross-50 beef. "I'm just telling you [the battle] is a bit too much for me already...Nobody's scared of no 50 Cent. Are you nuts are something? 50's nothing, man. Nobody's scared of him, I mean, tell me one person 50 Cent has fought. All this hoopla and all this stuff he's doing, you tell me who he has fought one on one. Why should we be scared of this guy in the slightest way?" (Jenny Boom Boom)

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