News: 50 Cent & G-Unit Plot "This Is 50 Fest" Tour, "We'll Continue Until We Load The Whole Map Up"

Monday, Oct 12, 2009 10:25AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

G-Unit leader 50 Cent has announced plans to turn his one-night This Is 50 Fest concert into a full tour making stops both in the South and on the West Coast.

Using his New York-based event as an example of rap unity, Fif said fans could expect to see more reuniting and collaborations as a result of the upcoming tour.

"I had to touch base with everyone and everybody saw how it made sense to get together and make some real money," Fif said about his This Is 50 Fest. "And then artists influenced other artists to join...A lot of the artists out here tonight deserve to be on a regular Summer Jam bill, but we have to make our own Summer Jam because they [radio stations] are not recognizing their [new rappers'] material...Once they see us all here together at the same time with no issues, no incidents and no problems, they'll let us do it wherever we want. After Hot 97, we're going to step to Power 106 in L.A. and then Atlanta and we'll continue moving around until we load the whole map up...In the future, don't be surprised when you see all of us collaborating and working together on different projects -- not necessarily a song, but something bigger." (Billboard)

The publicized event placed various rap groups together including D-Block and Dipset.

"I wanted to make a festival that didn't necessarily have to have an artist [who has a] single in rotation at the time," 50 explained. "That doesn't directly reflect good hip-hop. It reflects marketing dollars spent by the major corporations, the companies. Tonight we have everybody that means something to us musically in one spot. When I bring Cory Gunz, Trav, Maino...Now we got Jadakiss out here. This is real! Tell me anywhere else you can go where you can see everybody. It represents different portions of hip-hop. You got the Lox, the new young gunners Cory Gunz, Trav, Maino. Jimmy [Jones] and Juelz [Santana] coming. They say New York City, we don't actually get along, that's not true. We could work together and get more money than we can get apart, and they gonna see us do it in the future." (MTV)

Juelz Santana also touched on the event from his Twitter page.

"A! Im On my way to 50 fest ! Who's gon be out there?," he wrote yesterday. "A! DES BOYS DRIPPIN WACK DROPS, YALL SHOULD BE MASCOTS, COME N SEE THE SPLASH DOC, I'LL GIVE YOU A SWAG SHOT ! ! ! A! I ain't have my phone earlier but I just got back from thisis50 fest. Juelz Santana's TwitterIt was Rockin out there I Splashed on em real quick !!" ()

Prior to attending the show, rap newcomer DJ Webstar hit up SOHH to reveal his performance.

"Yeah, yeah, [50] actually reached out to me and asked me to come through and perform for the kids and stuff like that," Webstar revealed. "So I'm actually gonna be there, I'm gonna perform along with Kid Cudi -- more people are gonna be there. It should be a good event. And I think that's important that he's doing stuff for his community because a lot of artists get too big and don't do sh*t for they community." (SOHH)

Check out 50 Cent performing "Many Men" at the This Is 50 Fest below:

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