News: 50 Cent Disses Young Buck & The Game On "BISD" Track, "One's A F*cking Junkie & One's A F*cking Queer" [Audio]

Monday, Oct 26, 2009 6:06PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

A new snippet track off of 50 Cent's upcoming Before I Self Destruct album called "Strong Enough" has landed online after rumored speculation over the summer and features the G-Unit leader tossing a jab at former members Young Buck and The Game.

In the reference, Fif explains why his five-member Unit was slimmed down to remaining rappers Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks and will appear on his new album.

"That Big Poppa, I'lll send your monkey a** to see Allah," Fif raps. "These n*ggas ain't strong enough, they money ain't long enough, when they bump heads with me...When I say I'll kill ya, I'll kill ya/As a kid I wasn't fittin' in/ special ed kid in the back on Riddelin' -- Hooptie all f*cked up/Pockets all f*cked up/Now n*gga what's up?/I'm rich now, n*ggas know about my dividends -- Crib the size of a New York City clock now/Okay, okay, try me and get shot down/I'm like a Zebra, I got so many stripes/I'm the f*cking general/I run my click right/There was five of us, all of us millionaires/Now one's a junkie and one's a f*cking queer/Now it's three of us/That's the way it started..." ("Strong Enough")

Fif's tracklisting from the upcoming album landed online today (October 26).

Before I Self Destruct: The Invitation, Then Days Went By, Death To My Enemies, So Disrespect, Psycho, Hold Me Down, Crime Wave, Stretch, Strong Enough, Get It Hot, Gangsta's Delight, I Got Swag, Baby By Me (Featuring Ne-Yo), Do You Think About Me, Ok, You're Right, Could've Been You (This Is 50)

Speaking with radio personality Big Boy last week, Fif said he did not understand The Game's "G-Unot" campaign back in 2005.

"I doubt that strongly," 50 said about collaborating with Game in the future. "I never really understood, I didn't know what the motivation was for The Game issues. Initially it was a decision on his part, I went over it in my head like a million times...I didn't have a long period of time with Game, we worked for five days. [Dr.] Dre spent a year in the studio with him, so he had a chance to be around him and gauge what kind of character he is. Right after [his debut] was out, it was like, 'I'm hot,' because of the actual number of records he sold at that point...You'll see Rick Ross out there as if he was a correctional officer when I went into his background. This guy is rapping like he's a drug dealer when he's a correction officer. Game background, when you went into that, he used to be a stripper. He used to work at his mom's strip joint. So it was interesting themes that I seen from both of them but it didn't match what the content was and then I seen the transformation myself." ("Big Boy's Neighborhood")

Game previously apologized to the Unit and said his past "G-Unot" taunts were due to his youth.

"Jimmy [Iovine] always says, 'Man, I told you guys not to break up the Beatles,'" Game said in an interview. "He says he told John Lennon the same thing a long time ago. But I was young, man. I was dumb. I did a lot of dumb things. I felt me and 50 clashed. I'm not gonna diss 50. I'm not gonna go back on the plane. He had his side, I had my side. I did what I felt was necessary for me and my career to have longevity and survive in hip-hop and music to be around when I'm Quincy Jones' age -- not just be Quincy Jones' age, but be a Quincy Jones. Now, four albums in, I can honestly say from Banks to Young Buck to [Dr.] Dre to Yayo to whoever, if it would have kept going, endless paper. Millions of albums sold --- because we were great together. Me and 50's chemistry was like how Method Man was to Redman when they get in. You know when Method Man gets with Redman, it's going down." (MTV)

The track originally circulated online over the summer, however, it was not yet determined whether it would be featured on 50 Cent's latest effort.

Check out 50 Cent's "Strong Enough" record below:

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