News: 50 Cent Clowns Rick Ross & Triple C's New LP, "With Classics Like 'Can I Handcuff You' This Is A Must-Buy"

Friday, Oct 23, 2009 10:15AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

50 Cent has wasted no time in taunting Rick Ross and Triple C's upcoming Tuesday release, Custom Cars & Cycles by using his website to label the four member team as R&B group, Jodeci.

Posted on, 50 has an image of the rappers' new album with the Jodeci label.

"Best Of...Jodeci Let me hear your say Yeahhhhhhyeeeeah," the banner reads. "With classics Hits like 'Forever my Burgers, Gunplay ill Cry for you and Can I Handcuff You this is a Must Buy." (This Is 50)

50 recently made his prediction on the group's new album upon its arrival to stores next week.

"Triple Cs is next," Fif promised. "And then Rick Ross is going to follow that failure. Def Jam dumped a whole lot of marketing dollars into trying combat me with Rick Ross. More money than they should have. What his numbers were versus what Jadakiss did, didn't make financial sense. So the next go-around, they're going to give him his fair share instead that extra piece of pie. Then you're going to see where he really is." (Complex)

According to an interview with Ross this week, the rapper benefited financially from his taunts at 50's camp earlier this year.

"I made more money, you know what I mean, after you crush such a huge donkey," Ross said referring to 50. "I'm the only one that put out a number one album and we in this business to put out records and put up numbers and generate funds and as you can see, I'm putting out another number one album while [G-Unit] hasn't put out one. So it's elementary to me and I think they learned their lesson, they know to keep going, R.I.P. Hold up, let's give a moment of silence, it's only right to bow our heads for Lloyd Banks. I pray my career don't be like Lloyd Banks'." (Real Talk NY)

Triple C's new album will feature 15 cuts from a variety of artists.

Custom Cars & Cycles: 1. Custom Cars & Clips 2. White Sand 3. Break It Down featuring Bun B 4. Go featuring Birdman 5. We Getting It 6. Trickn Off featuring Gucci Mane 7. Throw It In The Sky 8. Erryday featuring Young Jeezy & JW 9. Customized 10. Gangsta Sh*t featuring The Game 11. Finer Things featuring Masspike Miles 12. Chicken Talkn featuring Mack 10 & Warren G 13. Diamonds & Maybachs Part 2 featuring Suede Royale 14. Hustla featuring Masspike Miles 15. Yams Part 2 featuring Yo Gotti (Press Release)

Triple C's Custom Cars & Cycles drops Tuesday, October 27th via Def Jam.

Check out Rick Ross speaking on G-Unit below:

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