News: 50 Cent Breaks Down "Before I Self Destruct" LP, "I Did This Joint W/ R.Kelly"

Saturday, Oct 3, 2009 7:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

50 Cent has revealed details surrounding his upcoming Before I Self Destruct album and said the Curtis follow-up will feature guest appearances by Ne-Yo and R. Kelly.

According to 50, Dr. Dre provided four produced tracks for the G-Unit leader's latest effort.

"I didn't do a lot of collaborating," Fif revealed. "I wrote the record and I had so much time to write so many ideas that I wanted to make sure people heard me...I had the time to make it what I wanted. Me and [Eminem] doing the 'Psycho' joint is crazy on the record. I did this joint with R. Kelly, it's actually a bonus because it's track 16 on the joint...R.Kelly was the last one [besides Ne-Yo]. [Me and Dre,] we did four joints on this album. I had more time with Dre on this record than the other one..." (Shade 45)

The album's cover art landed online last week and will reportedly offer a limited edition deluxe version upon it's retail release.

Be sure to look out for the Limited Editon Deluxe Package as well...Regular and Deluxe Copies of Before I Self Destruct will be available for pre-order on I-Tunes in October with Some Exclusive Bonus Tracks upon its release. Resembling a more Terminator-like version of 50's Curtis album, the new cover once again features solely the rapper's face as half of it appears to be ready to burst as though the rapper were filled with magma. (This Is 50)

Confirmed by Fif, the project's final release date has been set as November 17th.

50 Cent's oft-delayed album Before I Self Destruct is closing in on its destruction date. The rapper will release his fourth studio album on November 17, has learned. The project, his last of original material for Interscope, has been delayed several times since last year. (Rap-Up)

He recently explained his thoughts on the overall project and said it would not drop at the end of September as previous reports speculated.

"My new album, I'm really excited about it," Fif said in an interview. "I had an opportunity to make it and then re-make it. I didn't have the time I was able to put in to, I was limited time to my other projects. In this one -- just because the system was in this kinda state of confusion with things changing, the music business itself changed. It was definitely periods where I felt I was ready and it wasn't a possibility for me to release the record at that point and then the Eminem train came running down the track and I had to get outta the way to let the Eminem record go out and then because he had been off for two years, it made good sense for me to just let him come out first. My new album, it should be out in early November. First week of November. Because I had additional time, I wrote, produced and directed my own film, Before I Self Destruct and it'll actually be within the album's packaging. So when you buy the record, you'll get the film that I wrote." (Coke Live Festival)

Check out 50 Cent speaking on his new album below:

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