News: Young Jeezy Has No More Problems W/ DJ Drama, Says "Fight Is Over"

Thursday, Sep 24, 2009 10:15AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Despite calling out former associate DJ Drama in a recent published interview, Young Jeezy has said his issues with the deejay are "over."

Jeezy explained why he initially spoke out about the popular southern deejay.

"No more light. Fight is over," he promised in an interview. "Grown, baby, we moving on. I ain't really no n*gga to search for attention or do shit to get attention. I never mentioned n*ggas' names, or said anything about anything throughout my career to get no cool points. I just mind my business. But at the same time, I'm a man first. If I feel offended, I'ma speak on it. Like you, you're not gonna be walking along and a motherf*cker just say something crazy to you in the middle of Manhattan and you gonna just keep it moving? You're gonna say your piece or what? [laughs]" (Complex)

The Snowman's controversial statements regarding Drama landed online in late July.

"Drama just started acting like a b*tch," Jeezy said in an interview for the September issue of XXL Magazine. "Drama wanted to be Khaled, but he didn't want to help nobody. He just changed, period. Look at his crew. The same n*ggas ain't around him. You ain't never been in no streets. I could never have no beef with a n*gga like that. He's a cornball. You made millions off my mixtapes, to the point where the f*ckin' feds scooped you up for bootlegging. I never even made the money he made off of Trap or Die or Tha Streets Iz Watchin, because they were selling and distributing them and making money...I'm not hating. But we will never do a mixtape together. I didn't charge that n*gga for [contributing a verse to the song "5000 Ones," on Drama's official Atlantic Records debut]. But then when I need [a tape for one of my artists], and you want to charge me $20,000? I'll slap the sh*t out of Drama. He knows that. He wasn't loyal. But me putting my hands on that man ain't gonna make him respect what I'm saying. I'm just not gonna f*ck with him anymore." (Karen Civil)

Drama later released a statement which explained the reasons behind his falling out with Jeezy.

"After reading Jeezy's unprovoked insults in that XXL article, it seems like the guy's pretty emotional if u ask me!," Drama wrote in a statement on Friday (July 31). "Now I've never spoken on our issues because I believe grown man business is just that, and running to the media to whine is not my thing...I never charged Jeezy for nuthin'. I did 2 Slick Pulla tapes (4th Ward Day, Election Day) for free and a Bloodraw tape (The Indictment Papers) for free. Anything Jeezy ever needed from me, I did without hesitation. He doesn't want to deal with the real reason why he's mad...The tension between us actually started when I deejayed his USDA release party (FOR FREE) and I played a Gucci Mane record. He stormed out of his own party and didn't speak to me for about 2-3 months. Me being a DJ, I was just rockin' the crowd and giving the people what they had been requesting. I don't get involved in that other stuff...I could go deeper into his angry reaction to me working with Gucci but, again, I'm a stand-up guy. I'm loyal to those who are loyal to me." (Rap Radar)

Don Cannon, who has close ties to both artists, previously shared his opinion on the dispute.

"Nah, I'm not a sideline dude [in their dispute.] And they two grown a** men, you know what I mean? They can do what they wanna do. Not me, I get money, money machine and all that. If they wanna fight back and forth, that's what they gotta do. You know what I mean?" (iHipHop)

Check out a video of DJ Drama speaking on Young Jeezy below:

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