News: Trey Songz Projected To Sell 115K In First Week, Pitbull To Debut On Charts

Thursday, Sep 3, 2009 12:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

R&B singer Trey Songz's Ready is projected land on the charts next week with around 115,000 album sales.

The singer's third solo project is competing against Whitney Houston's comeback album, I Look to You, and Pitbull's Rebelution.

Whitney Houton's Arista/RMG album, I Look to You, taking advantage of its Monday release date to be eligible for this year's Grammys, will debut at No. 1, with a robust sales figure of 250-275k. Atlantic R&B star and former Grammy nominee Trey Songz's Ready is up next at between 100-115k. Other expected chart debuts include Epic's Chevelle (35-40k), Polo Grounds/J/RMG's Pitbull (30-35k), the Black Crowes (30-35k), Reprise's The Used (25-30k) and Verve Forecast's John Fogerty with his Blue Ridge Rangers album (12-15k). (Hits Daily Double)

Songz's was recently given props by Young Money's Drake at his MySpace Music concert earlier this week.

"New York City," Drizzy told the crown from a hidden place in the venue. "I gotta take the time to do this, to introduce you to the greatest R&B singer of our generation. Trey, Songz, baby!" (Miss Info)

Both Drizzy and Songz's "Successful" music video landed online Monday (August 31) morning.

The long-awaited debut of Drake and Trey Songz's "Successful" music video finally landed online Monday (August 31) morning becoming one of Drizzy's latest small screen features to date. While displaying a similarity to "Best I Ever" due to the darkness, the video offered fans a a more serious look not only filming the video at night but offering serious lyrical content and comparisons as both artists see alternative paths they could have taken. The setting shows Songz singing in an isolated room as Drake appears to be on a balcony spilling his thoughts of becoming, as the song suggests, "successful" through the ups and downs. Towards the middle of the video, both artists link up exiting a hotel lobby while Drake takes a quick glance at a doorman who, briefly, becomes him, suggesting a lower position in which he could have become. They both take off in a vehicle driving through empty streets as Drake takes the passenger seat and appears to reflect on his life. Songz also looks outside of the driver's side noticing men bouncing a basketball and sees it could be him. ("Successful")

Pitbull was recently awarded with keys to his Miami hometown late last month.

Rapper Pitbull has been arrested for DUI - twice - and has admitted to once being a drug dealer in Miami, but that's not stopping Commissioner Tomas Regalado from giving him the keys to the city. The 28 year-old rapper, born Armando Perez, will be presented with the keys by Regalado during a ceremony this morning at Miami City Hall. (NBC Miami News)

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Check out Trey Songz's MySpace Music concert footage below:

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