News: Tony Yayo Talks Raekwon's Joe Budden Assault, "You Come To My Dressing Room, You Not Coming Out" [Video]

Thursday, Sep 3, 2009 6:05PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

G-Unit's Tony Yayo has weighed in on the recent physical dispute between Joe Budden and Raekwon and explained what he would have done if confronted by a rival's entourage.

While not taking sides in the past dispute, Yayo said Budden should have been better prepared by hiring security to watch his door.

"It's crazy to me because a n*gga come to my dressing room, he don't want to see what's gonna be on the other end of n*ggas in that room," Yayo explained in an interview. "Like with my whole thing is, Buddens, have better security at your door or something. 'Cause a n*gga come to my dressing room, it's lights out. I don't give a f*ck who you are n*gga, where you from, what you do, if you come to my dressing room, trying to knock at the door, you not leaving out. Point, blank, period. So I mean, that's all about a security factor, having a n*gga at the door -- I was locked up with Joe Budden's pops too. I never had a conversation with him though, but that's a rumor that his pops was in there, in the same building and all that -- A n*gga ain't running up on my dressing room and punching me in the face, and no disrespect to Joe Budden or Raekwon. It is what it is. A n*gga come to my sh*t, he's getting blown out that sh*t. Boom!" (Vlad TV)

Rap pioneer MC Shan recently clowned Budden for being attacked by Raekwon's camp.

"If you see Joe Buddens in the street, just slap him in the back of the neck 'cause he's so full of it," Shan said in an interview. "He's trying to use the Internet, there's nothing wrong with it, but when somebody punches you in your eye and puts it on film and makes you apologize, quit. Quit -- most of the time you outnumbered. I would have took the punch in the eye, right, but forget about me apologizing. You already punched me in my eye, picture me apologizing. I better not catch one of y'all by yourself -- Joe Buddens does a show on BlogTV, I used to do shows on BlogTV. You can go on there and watch his videos and see how corny he is. Joe Buddens, I don't care, I'ma see you and if you wanna pop off, that's what it is. But I'ma be by myself, so it's gonna be a one-on-one. So if either one of us get an eye jammie we ain't gonna say the crew did it, n*gga. Understand me? 'Cause I don't like you anyway -- Joe, from your man MC Shan, the battle n*gga, you ain't nobody, relax bro. You made one record." (Street Disciplez Radio)

Budden originally claimed he was assaulted by Raekwon's camp last month backstage at a Rock The Bells concert.

"It was such a sucker punch," Budden said in a live broadcast. "Rae didn't punch me. For the people just joining us that would like to know what happened...I'm trying to figure out how this could happen...Just need to let n*ggas know, that I'm all right. I know how the Internet is. It moves 20 times faster than real life...It's gonna look like some other crazy sh*t that didn't take place, I must really love you guys...Them n*ggas came in here like Storm Troopers and sh*t. They made a grand entrance...They asked me a whole bunch of questions that they didn't want to know the answers was like an interview gone wrong. My whole thing is, I would have had the most utmost respect for that n*gga if he would have been like, 'Eh, take a walk with me.' I just don't really know how these guys think they can do a show right after. How you gonna perform after that?" (Blog TV)

Despite their confrontation, Raekwon later promised Budden's safety.

"First and foremost, what I would like to say, about that Joe Budden sh*t, we got the tape n*gga," Raekwon told a Toronto crowd. "Other than that, Raekwon loves you...I am a hundred percent street n*gga still, we don't get on camera and do that. Now my thing is this, I got love for Slaughterhouse. I like Slaughterhouse, them n*ggas already made it clear they have a lot of respect for Wu-Tang, for myself, this has never ever been a Wu-Tang versus Slaughterhouse thing -- This is about a kid who gets off on doing blogs. My thing is this, I'm a business man, I'm here to make money, take care of my family and keep as many people safe and sound as possible. We not gonna take it there 'cause that's little sh*t, we are grown men. I will never jump out the window to sacrifice the situation with my family for something that ain't worth it. I don't want nobody to hurt that man or do anything to him because I'm so known in so many different places, that's the easiest sh*t in the world." (YouTube)

Check out Tony Yayo speaking on Raekwon and Joe Budden below:

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