News: Tony Yayo Says G-Unit Is Not "Broke," "I Don't Know What [M.O.P.] Was Talking About" [Video]

Tuesday, Sep 8, 2009 5:40PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

G-Unit's Tony Yayo has addressed recent accusations made by M.O.P.'s Billy Danze about the label's financial problems.

The "Talk of New York" also said the former G-Unit artists received the most publicity under 50's wing.

"I seen something on a website where M.O.P. said G-Unit was going broke," Yayo explained in an interview. "I don't know what he was talking about, I still got two houses, I still got cars, as well as 50. I just feel like, when a n*gga give you an opportunity, you either gonna make it work or it's not gonna work. Either one. M.O.P, that was their first time being on MTV and BET. That was their first time really being on a major tour, Anger Management Tour which 50 spent like $8 mil on -- What about the money he spent on you, Laze, everybody that was in your entourage hotels, n*ggas stayed in the Ritz, burninig cigarettes on the dresser, burning pillows, starting fires, smoking sh*t out doing crazy sh*t when the bill comes back. He didn't complain about that -- when everything is happening, everybody's happy. But when sh*t is not happening for a n*gga, a n*gga's disgruntled." (Vlad TV)

M.O.P. frontman Billy Danze said their main problem with signing to Roc-A-Fella and G-Unit was the timing of their deals.

"Basically both labels were broke," he said in an interview. "We were in a position to get deals from these labels, and also from LOUD Records too...All three of those labels were the biggest East Coast urban labels at the time, but every time we got to one of them, they started declining...It was just a timing issue, and if we would have gotten to either label a year before -- it would have worked out...But we were in the game when the Roc was a pebble, and before G-Unit got put on...As long as we were able to make music, and put albums out, we were still happy because we don't have those fans like everyone else has...The fans that we have are more like family members because they've been around for our whole career...Our fans want us to be in a good position, and they don't want us to be on a label that's crumbling." (iHipHop)

The rap duo previously spoke with SOHH about not releasing an album under 50 Cent's wing.

"I apologize personally to all the M.O.P. fans out there for not getting an album out faster," Danze said. "But if you a fan then you understand everything got to be in place everything got to be right. If you know M.O.P. and you are a fan then you're not going to be disappointed at all. We're going to continue to give you the M.O.P. that you know and love." (SOHH)

M.O.P. parted ways with Fif's camp around February 2008.

While M.O.P.'s three year stint on G-Unit did not yield an album, the group benefited greatly from the situation, according to their longtime manager. "The great thing about the G-Unit deal is that it cleared all the debts the group carried over the years," Laze explained. "So we are starting basically from scratch." (All Hip Hop)

Check out Tony Yayo addressing M.O.P. below:

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