News: Talib Kweli Says Black Star's Future Rests W/ Fans' Interest

Tuesday, Sep 22, 2009 4:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Talib Kweli recently said he may re-link with Mos Def for a Black Star album if the fans generate enough interest in the project.

In addition to looking for fans to become more interested, Talib also pointed out other iconic rap groups who have made quiet comebacks.

"Music is about timing," Talib said in an interview. "The realest thing about it, we put out songs, plenty of songs with me and Mos Def that haven't garnered the interest of the Black Star fan. And that sort of, it doesn't make you rushed to rush in the studio. You look at A Tribe Called Quest, you look at Brand Nubian, EPMD, you look at all these groups that came back together to try to do something and didn't come off the same way. And I think with Black Star, that was people's first introduction to me and Mos Def but the reason the album is called Talib Kweli & Mos Def Are Black Star is because we had every intention of doing separate things after that. It was just supposed to be a collaboration..." (Subsoniq Radio)

Both Def and Talib re-linked for a special Black Star performance in New York City last May.

Coming out in their own respective attire, Talib with his signature fitted cap resting atop his head with black clothing as Mos easily contradicted his partner's gear via a "Coogi" pair of shorts, polo top and black boots. Despite their records, it was the duo's appreciation of each audience member's ticket purchase which Mos said "Thank-you, you could have been anywhere else in the world, but you're here with us. We appreciate that." In addition to "Kweli," other tracks were played including Mos Def's version of "Children's Story." (SOHH On The Scene)

Talib is currently putting together his Reflection Eternal II album with Hi-Tek.

"The Reflection Eternal project is a go, I've been spending a lot of time in [Cincinnati] at Hi-Tek's studio," Kweli told blogger Kevin Nottingham earlier this year. "We are trying to have that out before the summer on Blacksmith/Warner Brothers. Hi-Tek got some heat, he still my favorite producer." (Kevin Nottingham)

Together, Black Star has over a decade of collective music.

Marcus Garvey, founder of the united Negro Improvement Association manifested his ideas by creating the Black Star shipping line, designed to repatriate blacks to Africa. Garvey's political vision not only inspired Mos Def and Talib Kweli's band name, but many of their thematic concerns about the African-American community. Black Star is part of the Native Tongues crew, a collective that contains A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, the Jungle Brothers, the Bush Babies and Common. (All Music)

Check out Talib Kweli's interview below:

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