News: Stephon Marbury Demands Jay-Z Apology, "Nobody Don't Like You No More" [Video]

Wednesday, Sep 23, 2009 6:10PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Terror Squad associate and NBA player Stephon "Starbury" Marbury has continued to taunt Jay-Z in his live blog casts and asked the Grammy-winning rapper to apologize for dissing him in 2003's "La La La."

According to Marbury, he is in the process of setting up a jail program for newly released inmates who will handle Hov if problems occur between both camps.

"Let me tell you something homeboy, you gonna apologize for saying that 'Don't get me confused with Marbury you run up on me at the light, you gonna lose your life,'" Marbury said. "You never gonna say that to nobody because guess what, I'm setting up programs for everybody that's in jail coming home. Yup, they all gonna be working for Starbury. And guess what, they gonna hear this up north. And guess what? They know up north, whatever Starbury says, he's gonna do it. 'I seen him bring home three tractor trailers to his home in Coney Island and give out pizza for days...shorts, t-shirt, you name it, he did it.' ... Jay-Z, you better say sorry! Because we form like Voltron in here, you know what that's gonna be...Nobody don't like you no more...Come on son, how you gonna hate on T-Pain?" (Starbury Fan)

He previously recorded a message to Hov questioning the rapper's street credibility.

"Don't get me confused with Marbury, if you run up on me at the light, I'm gonna kill you," Marbury said in a self-made video. "You ain't gonna kill nobody. You was not doing no life sentence in jail for the rest of your life. Let's stop that, stop tricking people. Stop making people believe that. That's foolishness, that's exactly what that is. You know you not shooting and killing nobody, you don't got no heart to shoot nobody in they brains right in front of them and say 'Okay, bring me to jail,' whatchu gonna do, go run? Where you gonna run, where you gonna run from? Everybody know you, they see your face, they know you. 'That's the camel, he right over there.'" (YouTube)

Jay's song briefly name drops Marbury, however, does not attempt to have the basketball player become the song's focus.

"Pink diamond necklaces, strawberry wrist," Jay raps. Please excuse yourself, you're very sick/Don't confuse me with Marbury out this b*tch/Run up on me at the light, you could lose your life/Motherf*ckers must be smokin' they la la la or crack, .45 gun smoke, choke off that/Let's get back to the music, I ain't with all that/Plus the Feds tappin' my music/Y'all get all that?/I'm thee public industry number one, public industry number two, is my whole crew, R-O-C..." ("La La La")

Marbury is popular for his close ties with Fat Joe's Terror Squad camp.

Marbury is also known to count many non-basketball celebrities among his friends. The point guard has been spotted hanging out with entertainers Ja Rule and Nick Cannon, as well as members of the New York based rap group Terror Squad and its leader, Fat Joe. In 2003 and 2004 Marbury led Joe's Terror Squad team to the championship of Fat Joe's annual streetball competition, The Entertainer's Basketball League. (Hoopedia)

Check out Stephon Marbury's self-made video below:

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