News: SOHH EXCLUSIVE: Tity Boi On Playaz Circle's 2-Year Absence, "We Were Getting Our Internet Buzz Up"

Tuesday, Sep 22, 2009 11:15AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

With the upcoming release of their sophomore album Flight 360: The Takeoff, Playaz Circle's Tity Boi kicked back with SOHH to discuss what the rap duo has been up to since their last release.

In addition to speaking on their absence, Boi also said there were plans to get his Duffle Bag Boyz camp signed to a record label.

"The two year gap wasn't really a gap, we did our thing basically with the underground mixtapes, networking with deejays in other areas and regions, we were getting our Internet buzz up," he explained. "It was like we were working, building a house with bricks. Building from the ground up with the foundation and right now, September 29th, you're gonna see the foundation that we built. Our promotion skills [got better] and people are f*cking with us because we f*cked with them with us just being ourselves and keeping it real. Next thing we got is the website which is our social website where you can get to know me and Dolla and learn personal things about us, stay informed about shows and so forth. We gonna drop Flight 360 September 29th and then we gonna come back and try to get a deal with Duffle Bag Boyz, that's a bunch of other guys and do a deal with them maybe through DTP or Def Jam or whoever else is trying to holler and then the name of that is called Baggage Claim so when get off Flight 360, you gotta go pick your bags up, ya dig?" (SOHH)

A tracklisting for Flight 360: The Takeoff landed online earlier this month.

Flight 360 Tracklisting: 1. Turbulence 2. Look What I Got 3. Stupid featuring OJ Da Juiceman 4. Welcome Aboard 5. Hold Up 6. Yeah We Gettin' Rich featuring Ludacris 7. Can't Remember featuring Bobby Valentino 8. Big Dawg featuring Lil Wayne 9. Quit Flossin' 10. Refreshments 11. Big Wheel Whippin' 12. Weight Droppin featuring Raekwon 13. DJ Know Me 14. Ghetto 15. Prepare For Landing 16. Outta Here (Amazon)

The duo also plan to release a string of music videos to accompany the album.

"We've been shooting a lot of videos, trying to get the imagery out," Tity Boi said in a recent interview. "We are trying to paint a lot of pictures with the album with the lyrics and everything. We just teamed up with DTP and they was feeling the album so much that they wanted to get behind it 110 percent. We putting all the visuals out there and concepts of what we came out with." (Q The Question)

Flight 360: The Takeoff will be the follow-up to their 2007 debut, Supply and Demand.

Patiently waiting for their already finished album to be released, Playaz Circle made noise with their Top Five Hip-Hop/R&B single "Duffle Bag Boy," featuring Lil Wayne on the hook, in summer 2007. The song's growing popularity helped break down major-label red tape for the two, making it the lead single for DTP's third LP, Strength in Numbers (2008), as well as their debut album, Supply and Demand (2007). (All Music)

The new album arrives in stores Tuesday, September 29th via Def Jam/DTP Records.

Check out Playaz Circle's "I Can't Remember" below:

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