News: SOHH EXCLUSIVE: Raekwon Ready For Slaughterhouse & Wu-Tang Collabo, "Let's Make It Happen" [Video]

Thursday, Sep 10, 2009 12:25PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

After his public dispute with Slaughterhouse group member Joe Budden, SOHH spoke with Raekwon to find out if a Wu-Tang Clan and Slaughterhouse collaboration could still be in the cards.

Claiming his issues with the group's out-spoken emcee are in the past, the "Chef" said he was open to getting both camps together for a record.

"Would I do a collaboration with Wu-Tang and Slaughterhouse," Raekwon asked himself. "I would say yeah. I would say yeah only because I'm a fan of them dudes. Would I want to do a Wu-Tang and Slaughterhouse song? Of course, why not? I already been put that in the air, even when all the turmoil was whatever it was. My thing is, this doesn't have anything to do with the group situation and what y'all dealing with so let's make it happen. And we already talked about that but I think the most important thing that people gotta understand is that we were here before them cats and they recognize that and they respect that and salute that, so, for me to really sit there and be selfish and not move on from the past, that's sucker sh*t. Real dudes, we gotta move on, let's make it happen. That would definitely be something I would want to see one day. We been doing this for so long, they recognize that we dinosaurs in our own way at it and we opened up the door for a lot of groups to come in the game. So I would be a chump not to add on to something that I feel has that potential. Everything is about moving on and recognizing that men are gonna be men. We gonna go through things, we gonna do what we do, but at the end of the day, it's about forgiveness." (SOHH)

Rae displayed his admiration for Slaughterhouse at a concert in Canada last month.

"First and foremost, what I would like to say, about that Joe Budden sh*t, we got the tape n*gga," Raekwon told a Toronto crowd. "Other than that, Raekwon loves you...I am a hundred percent street n*gga still, we don't get on camera and do that. Now my thing is this, I got love for Slaughterhouse. I like Slaughterhouse, them n*ggas already made it clear they have a lot of respect for Wu-Tang, for myself, this has never ever been a Wu-Tang versus Slaughterhouse thing -- This is about a kid who gets off on doing blogs." (YouTube)

He also spoke with radio personality Charlamagne about his stance on the Budden dispute.

"September 8th, I love Joe Budden," Raekwon joking said in an interview. "My thing is this, it's like, enough is enough. You know what I mean? Enough is enough. I'm on the road swallowing a lot you know, 'cause I'm a business man. I'm really trying to escape that negativity world. Because at the end of the day I'ma lose. I got children. I got family. You know what I mean? And it's like, I'm the type of dude that I don't get no points off of punching no little dude. I got love for him..." (100.3 The Beat)

Budden originally claimed he was assaulted by Raekwon's camp in early August.

"It was such a sucker punch," Budden said in a live broadcast. "Rae didn't punch me. For the people just joining us that would like to know what happened...I'm trying to figure out how this could happen...Just need to let n*ggas know, that I'm all right. I know how the Internet is. It moves 20 times faster than real life...It's gonna look like some other crazy sh*t that didn't take place, I must really love you guys...Them n*ggas came in here like Storm Troopers and sh*t. They made a grand entrance...They asked me a whole bunch of questions that they didn't want to know the answers was like an interview gone wrong. My whole thing is, I would have had the most utmost respect for that n*gga if he would have been like, 'Eh, take a walk with me.' I just don't really know how these guys think they can do a show right after. How you gonna perform after that?...Now it's not Slaughterhouse versus Wu-Tang, it's definitely not that. It takes that leverage away. I'm definitely sexy still." (Blog TV)

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