News: SOHH EXCLUSIVE: T.I. Associates Mullage Drop New Music, "We Have Something For Everybody" [Audio]

Tuesday, Sep 15, 2009 1:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

With this week's release of their new pre-album Elevators, Mullage chopped it up with SOHH to discuss the importance of the project maintaining fans' attention until their debut hits stores and how T.I. taught them how to avoid making unnecessary collaborations.

Made of B Town and B Boi, the Atlanta, Georgia duo said their new release is more of an album than mixtape.

"Basically, we would say it's more of an EP, it's a pre-album and we put just as much thought in to it and time as we would do for our mainstream album," B Town explained. "People will get a chance to see exactly what we're made of and what we're doing. It's 20 tracks and we have something for everybody on there so we want people not to necessarily sway away from 'Trick'n' because it did do us a great deal but we want them to see what we're capable of doing and grow with us." (SOHH)

B Town recently described how the title was a direct reflection of the duo's upbringing.

"Elevators came from the transition into the lifestyle we lead now," he said in a recent interview. "We went from a military background, not saying you're at the bottom of the barrel when you choose that career path but it's just totally different. Us coming from the United States Navy, it's about hard work,'s just a transition and all the struggles we went through with life period." (Hip Hop Wired)

According to B Boi, their mentor, T.I., dropped a few tips on how to avoid being solely reliant on collaborations.

"We don't really concentrate too much on collaborations and like who we need for this record and who we need for this record. We more so have a category thing so to speak with our relationship with the album. That's one of the things that was handed down to us from big brother Tip, we have categories that we record inside, four to five categories. Based off those categories, we got a song and from there we decide which elements need to be dropped onto the song. If a collaboration is not needed then we don't go looking for it. We feel like this is our first project and we got a lot to prove to the people and we don't want to disappoint 'em -- we wanna show that we can hold our own." (SOHH)

Newcomers to the music industry, the duo recently revealed how they came up with the group name, Mullage.

"Initially we thought of a collage as a piece of art that is constructed of different pictures that make an even better picture," B Boi said in an interview. "We look at our music the same way. Even though we mix a bunch of different genres together, we are creating a musical collage. Our music showcases our different interests and lifestyles and where we are right now." (Blog Critics)

The duo's upcoming Element of Versatility debut will be released through From The Ground Up/Jive Records.

Check out a portion of Mullage's SOHH interview below:

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