News: SOHH EXCLUSIVE: Lil Boosie Seeks Record Label Deal, "I Need A Million Dollars An Album"

Thursday, Sep 17, 2009 10:55AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

With the new release of Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz, SOHH kicked back with Lil Boosie to find out what the album has to offer and learn what record label he may be signing to in the near future.

While the solo project is being distributed by Asylum, Boosie said he is still open to finding a better record deal.

"[The negotiations] they going good," he explained. "Same old Boosie keeping the game catering to the ladies. I brought nine songs to the album from my in-house studio. So they gotta come up for that label deal. [The record companies] gotta give me the label deal. They offered me 1.5 million for 5 albums. But that ain't no money. I need a million dollars an album. Right now I'm in talks with Asylum, I'm already in a situation with them. We good. They fittin' to give me my own lane. I carry every label on my back. I always been a leader my whole life. Always been a leader on the streets and I carried it over to the music. It's gonna be Bad Azz Entertainment. I got a 16 year-old girl and she real nice." (SOHH)

The new album features 16 cuts with guest appearances stemming from his Southern associates.

Boosie's latest effort will showcase features by Lil' Phat, Lil' Trill, Mouse, Young Jeezy, Webbie, Bobby Valentino, Trina, KaDe and Foxx. (Amazon)

Boosie recently touched up on the album's title and guest slots.

"On this album, I have a little more money this time and I have better lyrics," he explained regarding the title. "Everything went up. This album is super bad. I was Boosie Bad Azz on the last album and this time this album is Super Bad. Everything on this album is better than it was... I have a few features on the album but I don't need anybody on my albums, I go hard and hold my own. That's basically it. (Word of South)

Aside from his new project, Boosie has been handling legal issues with the Louisiana justice system.

"I got a tracking device on, I got a big trial September 28," he said. "I'm just staying focused, you know I think about it every day but I just go home doing music after music not knowing what my situation would be... In Baton Rouge we got a crooked court system. And I'm a target down there you know. I'm not even a convicted felon -- it's getting bigger and bigger you know, they putting things on the news. They showing me on the news doing all kind of other stuff not showing the good side I do. All my giveaways to the community and things like that. It's just a hick town, you know, and I'm in it...Everywhere I go they pulling me over they hacking me up. About a year ago they came in my house for nothing, just kicked the door, shot bombs in the house. I got kids in my house and everything. Who the h*ll give you permission to shoot bombs in the house?" (Team Yee)

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