News: SOHH EXCLUSIVE: Kid Cudi Brushes Off Drake & T-Pain Comparisons, "I'm Not A Trend" [Audio]

Friday, Sep 18, 2009 11:10AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

With this week's release of his debut album Man On The Moon, SOHH kicked back with Kid Cudi to learn more on his long-awaited solo project and what he thinks about being compared to rapper/singers like Drake and T-Pain.

While understanding why his rap talent gets him categorized amongst the likes of rappers who can perform melodies, Cudi stressed his debut would prove to fans that he is not a hip-hop trend.

"I'm not really comfortable with the word 'trend' and you throwing me in that group [laughs]," Cudi said about being compared to Drake and T-Pain. "But of course, it's inevitable when the media kinda takes something, a collection of things, and throw it all in the same box. But uhm, that's why I'm really excited about this album because once it drops and people hear it, they're gonna understand that like, that category you just mentioned, you'll never want to include me in it again. [laughs] I'm not like, part of that, I'm not a trend. You know what I mean? I'm kinda like, I've worked so hard to separate myself from anything that's trendy. You know what I mean?" (SOHH)

Drake publicly displayed his admiration for the Kanye West associate by saying Cudi inspires him earlier this week.

"We are rarely proud when we are alone," Drizzy wrote on Tuesday (September 15) via Twitter. "But to have another artist who pushes me and inspires me is a blessing. @kidcudi Mazel Tov!" (Drake's Twitter)

Drizzy previously name dropped Cudi as one of his fellow up-and-coming emcees entering the rap game.

"I been doin' this since I was about 13," he said in an interview over the summer. 'Degrassi' is bigger than what I'm doing right now, it really is. It's bigger than any Drake, Cudi, Wale, you know, up-and-coming rap sh*t. Like I was doing mall tours with 15,000 people...I was signing autographs for three, four hours." (Vibe)

Cudi's debut will reportedly take over the charts next week with over 100,000 estimated sold copies.

Not even Kanye West can hold back Jay-Z, who will return to the top of the chart next week, with a total that should top 200k for his much-acclaimed Blueprint 3, the first release through his Roc Nation label on Atlantic Records. Kid Cudi's Man On The Moon is estimated to gather around 110-120k. Other chart newcomers include Cash Money/Universal Motown's Drake (55-60k); Asylum's Lil Boosie (45-50k) and Dunk Ryder's Trick Daddy at the 12-15K range. (Hits Daily Double)

Check out a portion of Kid Cudi's SOHH interview below:

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