News: SOHH EXCLUSIVE: Juelz Santana On Cam'ron's Dipset West Expansion, "Just Rep The Name Right" [Audio]

Wednesday, Sep 9, 2009 11:10AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

With the recent introduction of Cam'ron's Dipset West movement, SOHH spoke with Juelz Santana to find out what he thinks about Killa's expansion outside of Harlem, New York.

Despite their current estranged relationship, Santana applauded Cam's new move but said he was a primary reason for Dipset's success.

"I always respected Cam's decisions," Juelz explained. "As far as Dipset, Cam is the boss. He do what he want, but you know, just as much as I can say that, n*gga has to give me my credit too as much as, as far as I've built that whole building though. You architected it but I built the whole building. I put at least 85 percent together, the bricks were geared to Dipset, like I said, Cam was always Cam before anything, ya dig? So when it came to Dipset, I was an artist that put everything on the back and really went forward. But as far as Dipset expanding, Dipset is in my blood. So, it is what it is, I don't know. How I feel about Dipset is how I always feel, with Cam, if that's what he wants to do, expand it, then it is what it is. I don't know them dudes over there to not like them -- I don't know them to say nothing about them. I respect all hustlers, anybody trying to get on in any type of way. So, in that case, it's love. Just rep the name right -- I never tried to take the Dipset, my whole thing was Skull Gang. I knew Cam was the boss and Jim [Jones] was the underboss, I was the reigning general of all that so the whole thing is now for us [to be] like the mob. Everybody supposed to have their own family and control their own family...Jim, he has his Byrd Gang family, that's like Cam right now got The U.N. going on, but they do fall under that Dipset tree -- forever, whether we speaking or not speaking 'cause I rep it to the death -- the bird is gonna fly." (SOHH)

Confirming the reports of Killa branching out westward, Dipset West CEO Omar "Iceman" Sharif announced the rapper's latest associates last month.

"It's your man Iceman and I know y'all heard about it," Ice said in a video. "Dipset West is definitely in the building. This is my artist right here [Stone Starr], Rular Rah [and] T-Money [which make up Fly Boyz]...I know you heard the rumors, I know you heard about Iceman and Cam'ron connected Dipset West and The U.N., it's all true. We about to take over the game, you feel me? Television and music." (Dipset Music TV)

Cam recently spoke on The U.N. and explained how he planned to expand the Dipset movement.

"When we started Dipset, it was more than just a crew, it was a movement," Cam wrote in a statement. "The U.N. is a continuation of that movement...Our new roster: Charlie Clips, Byrd Lady, Vado, Fly Boyz, Begetz and Young Hustle were all selected by me and my business partner, Omar 'Iceman' Sharif. He has made his name in the music and film industries brokering and securing multi-million dollar deals, merging hip-hop with Hollywood. His experience is exactly what we need to make strategic connections at the next level...In between films, we'll keep the streets hot with The Gangsta Grillz mixtape and we'll most likely release Vado's album immediately after...Between the films and the music coming soon on U.N. and Dipset West, we gonna keep the 'hood in a frenzy!" (Press Release)

Dipset associate Hell Rell recently called out Jim Jones and Juelz Santana for hurting the group's image and breaking up a possible reunion.

"Shout-out to my n*gga Cam," Rell said in an on-street interview. "At the end of the day, after he closed the books, I pretty much went with my group which is Top Gunnas. Because we all know that Jim f*cked the [Dip]set up. He just f*cked the whole 'set up. Denying the phone call, Cam called him, said he didn't call him. He jumped on [Funkmaster] Flex and said he did call him. A whole bunch of bullsh*t like, f*cking up money man. That sh*t just had me mad man. I'm like come on man, you serious? Then he go out on Summer Jam, him and [Juelz] Santana, I love the movement, you know I love the 'set, but they just tarnishing the name. They just f*cking this sh*t up. You know what I mean, everything that we built. That auto-tune sh*t ain't us...Never was Dipset music, so all that other sh*t it's just getting out of hand man. Ruger just gotta whip it back into shape man." (Hip Hop Beef)

Check out a snippet of Juelz Santana's SOHH interview below:

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