News: SOHH EXCLUSIVE: Big Pun's "Legacy" Director Talks Doc Soundtrack, "That's All Original Material"

Monday, Sep 14, 2009 5:35PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

With tomorrow's release of Big Pun's The Legacy documentary which highlights the rise and fall of the late rapper, SOHH spoke with the director Vlad Yudin and producer Edwin Mejia to find out why fans should also go out and support the project's soundtrack.

According to Mejia, the film will be packed with Pun records while the soundtrack will also feature original songs, plus, rare mixtape material from the late Bronx, New York emcee.

"Yeah, well as far as the film, we had a Big Pun music head and we needed somebody to come in and create a cinematic element to the film basically. We wanted to make some transitions, we wanted to make it into a film that we could present to the actual community and take it even further. So Kerry [Muzzey] was the guy to go to, he's very familiar with various [forms] of music. So he came in to create something we felt would fit very well with the film. But as far as the soundtrack that's coming out in stores on the same day as the film, that's all original Big Pun material. That's just two different things basically. The soundtrack will consist of recordings that were released on various albums and there are a few that were from mixtapes, rare, really rare and it will consist of songs that were in the film as well." (SOHH)

Kerry Muzzey is known for working the music behind various television and film projects.

Muzzy's motion picture resume includes State Property 2, Flightplan and Chooch while television credits range from "Room Raiders," "Conspiracy Files," "Oprah," 'Laguna Beach," and "Wildboys" to "Katie Morgan: A Porn Star Revealed," "The Next Foodnetwork Star" and "UFO Hunters." (Kerry Muzzey)

Edwin also said the documentary would feature an unreleased Pun record.

"Fans should also know that the film features an unreleased track from Big Pun which is called 'BX N*ggaz' and of course with the film, there's a lot of rumors out there about Pun, 'Oh he was abusive' there's a lot of talk about his weight gain and it's just a documentary documenting his life and his success and it opened so many doors for up-and-coming artists today and Latino artists today." (SOHH)

The upcoming film will be overseen by Pun's widow, Liza Rios.

Big Pun: The Legacy is by Vlad Yudin and will be released through CZA/Vivendi/Universal accompanied by the Big Pun CD. The disc, which is called The Legacy: The Best of Big Pun will be released under Loud/Columbia/Sony. Both projects will drop on Tuesday, September 15th, 2009. Liza Rios is a film consultant for the movie and proceeds from this project goes to her and Pun's three children. (Press Release)

Big Pun: The Legacy documentary & soundtrack drop tomorrow, September 15th.

Check out Big Pun's "Super Lyrical" music video compilation below:

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