News: Saigon Amps Support For Incarcerated Rapper, Drops "Free Tru Life" [Audio]

Sunday, Sep 13, 2009 10:55AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Saigon has displayed his support for incarcerated rapper Tru Life by dropping a new song which pleads for his release from behind bars.

The song also paints a positive picture of Tru Life and questions why the rapper is given a negative portrayal.

"What up Tru, what's the word, so you know everybody heard," Sai raps. "I don't believe in the system, so my faith is in God/D*mn, my right hand's in a jam/They done went and put an innocent man in the can/Claiming I understand, feeling like crying, but I can't/I decided to write this -- Now they claiming you got a gang/Where we run around teaching these little n*ggas not to bang -- At least show the father that takes his young sons to a soccer game -- What up Tru, what it do, it's your brother Sai/Why'd they have to choose you to try to nullify/I'm sorry, somebody sing that n*gga a lullaby/But y'all got the wrong motherf*cking guy/Give me the keys to Tru Life's hand cuffs, that's my man before rap, n*gga and what/We gonna see who's gonna stand up/If you was riding his d*ck when he was home, you should man up..." ("Free Tru Life")

Despite certain emcees glorifying crime, Sagion recently spoke out on the struggles he went through while locked up in prison.

"This is not rapping sh*t, this is real sh*t," Saigon said in an interivew. "This is the sh*t n*ggas is going through -- jail will eat some n*ggas up. Some n*ggas ain't scared to go back. I'm scared of jail, n*gga. Shout-out to my n*gga Tru Life, Tru Life, I'm scared of jail. I'll be the first one to say it, and it ain't even a violent aspect of it or violence because I can handle myself, but it's the motherf*cking agony and mental torture of prison. N*ggas don't know how to -- that sh*t is mental torture." (Amalgam Digital)

Tru was officially indicted days after allegedly turning himself into police last June.

A rapper once signed by Jay-Z was indicted yesterday on a charge of fatally stabbing a man at Club Pacha in Hell's Kitchen on June 15. Tru Life (real name Robert Rosado) is being held without bail for allegedly murdering Chris Guerrero, 20, and stabbing Jason Grey, 27, who is in critical condition. The rapper's brother, Marcus, is being held for allegedly jumping in on the attack. (New York Post)

Details on his initial arrest spread online earlier this summer.

Roberto Guzman Rosado Jr. - better known as the rapper Tru Life - was arrested three days ago for the June 15 stabbings that left a second victim in critical condition. Rosado, 33, is jailed in Rikers Island on charges of murder, assault and weapons possession, police said. The stabbings occurred around 9:30 a.m. as part of an ongoing dispute that began earlier at the Club Pasha on W. 46th St., police sources said. (New York Daily News)

No further details have been released on Tru Life's well-being.

Check out Saigon's "Free Tru Life" below:

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