News: RZA Addresses Ghostface Killah's $158K Royalty Lawsuit, "They're Trying To Infringe On The Wu-Tang Brand"

Tuesday, Sep 29, 2009 3:10PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Wu-Tang Clan front man RZA has addressed recent reports of group member Ghostface Killah winning a $158,000 royalty lawsuit against him.

According to RZA, the lawsuit is still pending and will be appealed.

"The case between Ghost and RZA is not closed yet," Bobby Digital wrote in a statement. "The judgment has not been entered yet, and we are appealing the case. I'm not appealing because I don't want to pay Ghost something that I owe him. Anything I owe him I would give him. He wouldn't have to go through the courts to get it from me..They've made millions based on my beats and bringing forth the reality of the Wu-Tang Clan. If I wasn't the producer and it was just a contract thing, maybe I'd feel more compassion. But trust me, when it comes to doing these records, I'm in the studio hundreds of days where they're here for 20-30 days. I'm in mastering, everywhere...Ghost made a deal with someone who thought they should get more from him than what they've got. So they're trying to infringe on the Wu-Tang brand. Ghost's catalogue is his catalogue, and now they want to try to get into our catalogue. They're trying through him..." (All Hip Hop)

Ghost reportedly filed the lawsuit roughly four years ago.

Ghost filed the suit in 2005, accusing Diggs -- the producer/rapper and sometime leader of Wu-Tang -- of holding back royalties for several early Wu-Tang Clan albums. According to the complaints, Diggs was holding onto a 50% producer's fee, attesting he was owed the cut for creating the songs' musical beats. Ghost disagreed, alleging Diggs should have received a cut proportionate to the rest of the group's members, who were left to split the 50% cut that went to the lyric writers. (The Boom Box)

The case reportedly ended earlier this month.

Now after four years, court documents have appeared that cite that the case was settled and Face walked away more than $150,000 richer. His old Wu Tang fam, U-God, also served RZA with court papers alleging that he owed him $170,000 in royalties. That case is ongoing. (Hip Hop Wired)

Ghost has been involved in various cases of misunderstandings this year including a graphic novel which he was credited with approving that recently landed in book stores.

"It's not me, Cell Block Z," Ghost revealed to SOHH over the summer. "Yeah, I'm not -- See that's just the fans love me. I never even umm... F*ck it man, you know what I mean? It's a blessing. I ain't never do that but that's how it is in the industry, you know what I mean? That's just what it is." (SOHH)

Check out Ghostface Killah's recent SOHH interview below:

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