News: Rick Ross Respects Eminem's Rap Hustle, "I Love To See Him W/ The Hot Artists In The Game" [Audio]

Tuesday, Sep 8, 2009 5:50PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Despite having differences with Eminem in the past, Rick Ross says he no longer has any intention of battling him on the microphone.

Aside from giving props to Em, Ross also confirmed reports of a forthcoming collaboration album with Cash Money's Baby.

"[There] ain't no gripe," Ross promised in an interview. "We making -- we in our own lane, we making real street music out here. They asked me a question and I gave 'em a answer, you know? Nah, nah nah [it's not because of 50 Cent.] I'm a fan of Eminem and by him working with other artists outside of his camp, it's looking even better. It's all good. By me being a fan of him, I love to see him that way with some of the hot artists in the game...[Me and Birdman] have so much music already recorded so anytime he in the studio in Miami I come through and we stay working. We gonna handle the business on that real soon so that will be coming." (Wild 101.1)

The "Boss" recently weighed in on Em's "Forever" collaboration with Drake, Lil Wayne and Kanye West.

"He's smart," Ross said about Eminem not addressing him and avoiding a rhyme battle. "That's what I'm waiting for. That'll be a gift -- a great Christmas present for me. But y'all know what I think. I think everybody knows...I wanna shout out Eminem. I heard a record he did with Cash Money's own Lil Wayne and Drake and Kanye West. Eminem, you're smart. I understand -- we all know what you doing now. You're moving on to better things. Like I said, he might wanna do a record with me. We here. Triple C's." (MTV)

Ross also made headlines for labeling Em a "honkey" in an interview last April.

"N*ggas cut throat," he declared in an interview. "You know now they saying 'monkey' could be black-on-black racial, keep saying monkey. So the only way I can fix that, Eminem, you're a monkey. He's really a honkey, but that's racial. You's a monkey, you n*ggas monkeys...'Wood Face,' it's no longer Curly, now you're Wood Face. Eh, Whoo Kid, I found out you're making 300 a show, my deejay makes way more than you. You're nobody. Do me the biggest favor, hit me up." (Spiff TV)

Throughout his career Ross has been well received by fans and rappers alike including Wu-Tang Clan's Raekwon.

"I like Ross' swag, I like his style," Raekwon said in an interview. "He's another one that reminds me of myself. A big fat n*gga that got a lot of good charisma. As far as him being one of the greatest emcees, I give him his little spot. To me, right about now, I look at n*ggas saying some sh*t. He say his little thing, I can appreciate what he's saying so as far as the upcoming n*ggas that's really making it happen, I consider him one of the great ones too. He get it in, he know how to rhyme. So I look at that as being great. He ain't come in with the little baby rhymes, he came in to spit." (Take This Serious)

Check out Rick Ross' interview below:

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