News: Raekwon Wants Collabos W/ Eminem, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z & More [Audio]

Monday, Sep 14, 2009 3:45PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Wu-Tang Clan's Raekwon recently spoke on his aim to recruit the biggest names in rap including Jay-Z, 50 Cent and Lil Wayne for collaborations to help keep hip-hop united.

Speaking with radio personality Bootleg Kev, the "Chef" revealed which artists he wanted to pursue for joint collaborations.

"I wanna work with Eminem, man" Raekwon explained in an interview. "I wanna work with Jay. I wanna work with 5-0, I wanna work with Lil Wayne, I wanna work with all the young G's. I wanna work with Jeezy, I wanna work with many rappers, you know what I mean, that I look up to regadless of what. I'm gonna be one of them dudes that's definitely gonna really really put my foot this time down even more you know what I mean? So if you can help me put the kites out. Tell all your people, 'He wants to do tracks with these cats, will y'all come up for air for him, could we keep this hip-hop rolling?'" (Wild 101.1)

Rae also spoke with SOHH last month about putting differences aside and hitting the record booth with Slaughterhouse.

"Would I do a collaboration with Wu-Tang and Slaughterhouse," Raekwon asked himself. "I would say yeah. I would say yeah only because I'm a fan of them dudes. Would I want to do a Wu-Tang and Slaughterhouse song? Of course, why not? I already been put that in the air, even when all the turmoil was whatever it was. My thing is, this doesn't have anything to do with the group situation and what y'all dealing with so let's make it happen. And we already talked about that but I think the most important thing that people gotta understand is that we were here before them cats and they recognize that and they respect that and salute that, so, for me to really sit there and be selfish and not move on from the past, that's sucker sh*t. Real dudes, we gotta move on, let's make it happen. That would definitely be something I would want to see one day. We been doing this for so long, they recognize that we dinosaurs in our own way at it and we opened up the door for a lot of groups to come in the game. So I would be a chump not to add on to something that I feel has that potential. Everything is about moving on and recognizing that men are gonna be men. We gonna go through things, we gonna do what we do, but at the end of the day, it's about forgiveness." (SOHH)

He recently touched on the importance of hip-hop sticking together and respecting one another's lyrical talent.

"I know them from meeting them guys out once or twice and Nas I know a little bit more because we came in the game around the same time," Raekwon said in an interview. "Jay I met before. Jay is a cool dude when he wants to be. Everybody has a certain amount of respect for one another when they see 'em at the moment but I never really hung out with dudes like that to really know them like that. But it was ways that they said, 'Yeah, you know, you're ill.' Whether they looked at me a certain kind of way or they just walked up and said 'What up?' that's how Jay came at me one day. Like 'Yo, this is back in the day, I respect you.' And I was like, 'Yo, thank-you man, much respect back.' So you know at the end of the day, we all in competition and all competitors, but it's a certain amount of respect still that New York rappers are gonna give to each other in this time. (Anna Nathan's Footage)

The rapper's new album will reportedly take charge on the charts this week.

Jay-Z's The Blueprint 3, the first release from his Roc Nation imprint through Atlantic Records, will debut at No. 1 with a total between 300 to 350k. The Beatles' stereo and mono box sets are selling out at Amazon and other online retailers. Next up on the debut list is IceH20's Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon with the sequel to his celebrated Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, distributed by EMI and should be good for 55-60k. (Hits Daily Double)

Check out Raekwon's interview below:

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