News: Play-N-Skillz On Lil Wayne's "Carter 3" LP, "D*mn Near Every Producer On That Album Has Not Been Paid" [Video]

Tuesday, Sep 22, 2009 2:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Tha Carter 3 producers Play-N-Skillz recently spoke on their pending compensation issues with Lil Wayne for production on the multi-platinum selling album and revealed that a majority of producers are still waiting to be paid.

Aside from saying there are no harsh feelings towards Weezy, the duo also said a lawsuit was never filed against Cash Money or Young Money.

"It's not officially settled, but I'm going to say we took massive steps forward to get everything resolved," they revealed in an interview. "There was never really a lawsuit, I don't know where that one really [went] left field. We were never officially suing Lil Wayne and Young Money and Cash Money, it was just we were at a producer conference and we were giving advice to young producers and I'ma say it again. Sometimes, you gotta just jump out into the water without a life vest and just go and do what you gotta do to survive. And that's what we did, we had the opportunity to be on an album like Carter 3, we'll arrange it later on, we gonna get it fixed. We handle all the paper work, that's not the case like we didn't handle our business, it's just the checks haven't been cut. Not just for Play-N-Skillz, but d*mn near every producer on that album has not been paid, you know what I'm saying? It's just a bunch of sample bullsh*t and everything else that's going on, so shout-out to Wayne, Young Money, Cash Money, it's all good daddy, let's do another one." (Real Talk NY)

Speaking with DJ Bay Bay earlier this year, the producers said Weezy should not be at fault for them not yet being compensated for records like "Got Money."

"First off, shout-out to Wayne and everybody because it's really kinda a misunderstanding," they explained. "There is no lawsuit as we speak, we working everything out. But the whole thing is we had not been compensated for it right now, we haven't been paid but sometimes it takes time for paperwork to be done...The music business right now just don't like to pay nobody...The Carter III has received lawsuits, prior to us there was another sample issue, there was another producer that jumped up and it's kinda not fair to Wayne at the same time. And I'm not saying trying to take his side because homie's doing his thing. I'm sure Wayne and them got their money up front but I ain't got mine. It's close to four million records, it's one of the biggest selling albums in a long time. I just wanna get a little bit." (K104)

Skillz previously broke the news on not being paid by Wayne's label for their work.

"We haven't gotten any compensation," he said in an interview. "We really didn't want to speak on anything like that, just because of our relationship with T-Pain and Wayne. We're more thankful for the opportunity to be on Tha Carter III, but business is business at the end of the day." (All Hip Hop)

Former Cash Money Records associate Tristan "T Mix" Jones sued the label for $2 million in damages over an alleged breach of contract earlier this year.

In a federal lawsuit, Jones claims he signed an exclusive production contract with Cash Money Records in November 2005. In exchange for Jones' exclusive production services, Jones says Cash Money promised to pay production royalties on the suggested retail list price. Jones says Cash Money owes him at least $2.25 million, but has paid him only about $187,000. Jones seeks damages for breach of contract in Federal Court. (Courthouse News Service)

Check out Play-N-Skillz's interview below:

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