News: Nas & Damian Marley Tag Snoop Dogg & Bob Marley, New Album Tracklist Revealed

Sunday, Sep 6, 2009 8:25AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

An early tracklisting for Nas and Damian Marley's forthcoming Distant Relatives album has landed online and shows the duo linking with Joss Stone, Snoop Dogg, K'Naan, the late Bob Marley and more.

While it has yet to be confirmed through either camp, the tracklisting shows roughly 15 songs from the upcoming project.

01 Intro (Something New) (prod. Damian Marley), 02 As We Enter (prod. Damian Marley), 03 Revolutionary (prod. Damian Marley), 04 Count Your Blessings (prod. Damian & Stephen Marley), 05 Belief is Key (prod. Damian Marley) 06 Africa Must Wake Up f. K'naan (prod. Nas, Damian & Stephen Marley) 07 Black Horizon f. K'naan (prod. Damian Marley) 08 Only the Strong (prod. Damian & Stephen Marley) 09 Our Generation f. Joss Stone & Stevie Wonder (prod. Damian Marley) 10 Empowerment (prod. Stephen Marley) 11 AID (prod. K'naan & Nas) 12 Let's End It (Poverty) f. K'naan (prod. 9th Wonder & Damian Marley) 13 The Earth f. Bob Marley (prod. Salaam Remi, Damian & Stephen Marley) 14 Black Man's Paper f. Erykah Badu (prod. Afry) [UK Bonus] 15 Weed On f. Snoop Dogg (prod. Damian Marley) [iTunes Bonus] (2DopeBoyz)

Nas recently spoke on the album and explained why he expected it to have a greater impact than 2008's controversial Untitled.

"The next thing for us is the tour with me and Damian," Nas revealed in an interview. "And probably a film we're working on based on the project and we plan to make a lot -- if we can help anybody in Africa, Kingston or Queens, or London, or wherever, if we can help anybody with this record, not with just hearing it but monetarily, we don't like to just get caught up in all of that charity bullsh*t that everybody, sometimes it gets a little weird with that, you know. If we can help anybody with this thing then mission accomplished because that's what it's about. Distant Relatives, you, me, that's what it's about. And I think the title alone just says, it opens up a whole different conversation about what this is all about, distant relatives, family everywhere. I wanted to be more impactful than my last album, my Untitled album, because it was just certain things on that, I didn't really get a chance to pull it off a hundred percent. There was a lot of pressure on that record. I do what I do and however it comes out, I'm happy, I'm thankful. I think this one will be a great turn-out as well." (Semtex TV)

Nas spoke on the progress of Distant Relatives and the feedback he's received from fans on the Rock The Bells 2009 tour earlier this summer.

Nas estimates it's about 90 percent done, Marley guesses a more conservative 75 percent, with songwriting contributions by Marley's brother Stephen and a guest feature by rapper K'Naan. "I just think it was me and Damian finding our way," Nas said about the project. "When you have two different artists working on a record when they're used to doing their own thing their own way, it's not as easy as people may think. We just flowed, and the next thing we looked up and there were so many songs done or so many songs started and worked on...we just decided to keep it going. It's not reggae. It's not rap. It's different sh*t for each of us...I know people are kind of like, 'What's happening? What's Nas doing? What's Damian doing? Is this really happening?' ... So just being out here on the road we get a good feel from people about this whole thing." (Billboard)

He also said the album was originally going to be released as an EP.

"I liked his music and what he does," Nas explained in an interview last month. "The feeling was mutual. So we started working on it and thought it might as well be an album. Hopefully [it'll be released in] the fall. We have a few more things to tweak. Reggae is one of the roots of hip-hop. Hip-hop music has helped reggae in its transition periods. Together we kind of wanted to give people that. To find the roots of reggae and hip-hop. Of course, Africa is the main theme that made us put this album together. (World Herald)

Check out a preview of Distant Relatives below:

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