News: More 2Pac "Lost" Footage Released, Speaks On Wu-Tang Clan Being Robbed [Video]

Thursday, Sep 17, 2009 5:50PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

VIBE has released more never-before-seen Tupac Shakur interview footage from the mid-1990's and features the late rapper speaking on his initial issues with Biggie Smalls, Wu-Tang Clan and more East Coast emcees.

Promising he had the utmost respect for East Coast emcees, Pac questioned why Bad Boy began to copy his rapping style and why no one helped him find the gunsman behind his near-fatal shooting in the mid-1990's.

"I love my East Coast fans, I'm from there, I'm eating New York pizza," Pac explained in the interview. "But I'm saying let's keep it real for a second. If you have the love for music which you are [then] study. Go back and study. Study how 'Party & Bullsh*t' was me before I met Biggie. You don't hear my style in his rapping. Study how after I met Biggie, Ready 2 Die comes out, his whole style changes. Study, study why I would be mad. Study why I would be mad when half of New York, half of the major New York rappers or they managers or they agents or somebody was there when I got shot. And nobody can't give me no information. Study that. Study how when Wu-Tang got they chains snatched at 662, I not only found who did it, but gave them the message that if they wanna see the n*ggas that did it, they can see 'em. Man to man, just you and them. No guns, no nothin' if you feel like that. That's all I asked for, that's all I asked for. If you gonna act like you a gangster or a 'G' or 'King of New York,' I'ma expect that and when you don't come through? I'ma crush your empire and that's what it's time for." (VIBE)

Former Los Angeles Times writer Chuck Phillips previously suggested Bad Boy was involved in Pac's shooting, a statement he later retracted.

"What I believe is that Bad Boy, who was very young then -- they had Craig Mack and Biggie back in '93," he said in an interview last year."They were a brand-new company. Puffy was trying to start his company, and they wanted other artists on this label besides those two. One of them might have been Tupac. Tupac told them no. He told a number of other people no...You have to remember, Puffy got a lot of money to start up Bad Boy from Arista. A lot of people wanted to get their hands on some of that money. A lot of people he hung around would do things to try to impress him." (MTV)

An unreleased Tupac diss song called "War Gamez" also landed online earlier this summer with the rapper calling out Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Nas, Mobb Deep and more.

"N*ggas playing deadly motherf*cking war games," Pac says in the intro. "How many broke down rappers got some sh*t to say...I bust on Bad Boy, Mobb Deep and murder The Firm/When you scream 'fake thugs' who the f*ck you mean/Get more C.R.E.A.M. than all of y'all/N*gga f*ck your team/Now Dre wanna switch sides/Tricks hide in war/Last year I shed tears but I don't cry no more/Plus Jay-Z tried to play me/He won't last long/Go ask King Sun how it feel to have your a** gone...Got shot five times, got outta jail on bail and sold five million. Sold more records than all you trick motherf*ckers put together. More than The Firm, more than Bad Boy, murdered Mobb Deep, more than all you b*tch made n*ggas." ("War Gamez")

WIDEawake, which purchased Death Row Records earlier this year, recently signed a deal with EverGreen to release new music including unreleased records by Tupac.

In addition, Death Row is expected to generate a number of new releases in the near future, like a new album of unreleased Tupac material to commemorate the rapper's June 2010 birthday. The as-yet-untitled album will be distributed by E-1 stateside and EMI overseas. Other forthcoming releases include a collector's edition re-release of The Chronic Re-Lit, slated for a September 1, 2009 street date. The album will feature four bonus tracks - all unreleased master from Death Row - plus a DVD with never before seen video footage of Dr. Dre and other artists. WIDEawake/Death Row will also release several box sets this holiday season, including a four CD collection of previously unreleased Death Row master recordings, never before seen images and video footage. (Billboard)

Check out Tupac Shakur's interview below:

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