News: M.O.P.'s Lil Fame Addresses Beat Jacking Reports, "I'd Never Steal A Beat"

Monday, Sep 14, 2009 2:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

M.O.P.'s Lil Fame has responded to allegations made by Philadelphia producer Rahaman Kilpatrick who claims the New York rapper stole his beat for the group's new The Foundation album called "Rude Bastard."

According to Fame, he did not release a prior statement regarding the beat and never took credit for the original production.

"Its true I didn't do the beat 'Rude Bastards' as Kil said. I heard it, it was hot and I rhymed on it I'd never steal a beat, that's not me and the quote on the net is not from me I'm looking into who made that statement as me Laze (M.O.P's manager) was handling the credits, I gave him the info for who did the beat. I just saw the finished artwork and my 1st comment was, 'I didn't do that beat why does it say I did?' (Ref. To 'rude bastard' -Lil Fame aka Fizzy Womack of M.O.P. (Kevin Nottingham)

A fake statement which appeared to have been made by Fame recently landed online via a DJ Premier fansite blog comment section.

"Sh*t happens bro," it read. "Tag your beat next time, i just happened to have that record, and did the sh*t up myself! Your version was way too LQ for us to even use it and trust me n*gga, your drums are not rare. i got drums out the woodwork, but thank you for finding the right tuned snare for this sample. It's not your beat anymore n*gga, i re-created (as you did as well) with the same record, so LiL FaMe is the one claim!!! Don't take it there either, we known to mash out. You know you love that song n*gga. Stop crying and figure out your next move. PREEM is NOT riding with blog. Get off his balls." (UnKut)

Kilpatrick broke the news regarding the origin of "Rude Bastard" last week.

"Back in September 2008, MOP, Joe Buddens, Termanology and Big Shugg came down to Sonar in B'more and me and my peeps go to the show," Kil recently penned in a statement. "I pass out beat cd's to Term, Joe and during MOP's show I give it to Laze E Laze's son who's the hype man. Now, fast forward to September 2009 and I'm listening to MOP's Foundation album on my way home from work and when track #9 'Rude Bastard' comes on?.it's MY F*CKING BEAT! Not the same sample, the SAME BEAT! Drum programming, sample, chops the whole d*mn beat! Then my man Mills does the knowledge for me to see who got credit for the track on the album and it says 'produced by Fizzy Womack!' So I don't get a check, I don?' get credit I don't even get co production credit! And I'm not looking for no 'feel sorry for me' or none of that hoopla I'm just asking for cats to let ANYONE who ya'll know who loves hip hop to know who did the track so I can @ least get credit from my peers (hip hop fans and other producer's grinding out there)for the beat. I've been grinding @ this beat thing for YEARS and for my first placement for a major artist to be a jack move it just ain't right but it is what it islike I said do me this justice and @ least let the hip hop heads ya'll know that the bol Kil from Philly gave MOP THAT heat not no f*cking Fizzy Womack" (iHipHop)

M.O..P. spoke with SOHH earlier this summer to open up about their new album and its delay.

"I think the music declined and everything declined, all the companies and not just music but everything else. Everybody had to downsize, do a little shifting while we were just lingering. I just think that the industry itself was the cause of M.O.P. not being able to put the record out," said Billy Danze (SOHH)

Check out M.O.P.'s SOHH interview below:

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