News: Mistah Fab On Raekwon Associate Assaulting Joe Budden, "Hanz Is A Real Street Dude" [Video]

Friday, Sep 18, 2009 10:10AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former Joe Budden rival Mistah Fab recently weighed in on the Slaughterhouse rapper's assault by Raekwon associate Hanz last month and said he had the utmost respect for the rapper's honesty after the incident.

Paying homage to Joey's preference to speak on how he feels at the moment, Fab said the rapper was able to brush off the assault last month without damaging his image.

"I feel like every man is responsible for what it is they put themselves in to," Fab explained in an interview. "Joe Budden is a very talented artist, Hanz is a real street dude. Hanz is a real good friend of mine...Joe is a very blunt person...He talks about what he feels. [You should do that] if you want to stand by your honesty and that's what he does. One thing about him, you have to take your hat off because even after the incident he was still like, 'So what? Like, I'm still gonna speak my mind.' He speaks with a lot of honesty and his portrayal of what honesty is to him." (Ms Drama TV)

Budden previously sparked a short-lived beef with Slaugterhouse member Royce Da 5'9 after he lost to Mistah Fab in a rap battle.

According to an interview with, Budden claims the beef started after an early version of 'Thou Shall Not Fall,' a track from Mood Muzik 3, leaked. On the track, Joey makes some references to the fact that Royce caught an L when he battled Mistah FAB at an Allhiphop emcee battle event that Joey didn't even attend. Although Budden amended the track to reflect the fact that Royce actually held his own against Fab, it was too late. Royce dropped his response, "I'm Nice." (Complex)

The New Jersey rapper also explained his issues with Fab in an interview last year.

"It ended up being Royce and Mistah F-A-B battling," he explained. "Royce lost, I wasn't there. But on Mood Muzik, I wanted to address me not being there and address why I even wanted to get involved in that anyway...On Thou Shall Not Fall, it's one of the last verses I wanna say, it's addressing the situation. It's talking about Mistah Dude, Mistah Dude, F-A, Royce and whoever else..." (Loud)

Hanz came forward to confess to assaulting Budden last month during a Rock the Bells tour date earlier this week and said he also did not appreciate the rapper dissing Method Man and Inspectah Deck.

"The situation with Joe Buddens and all that, he got beat up, it's a lot of controversy surrounding it because nobody seen the tape yet. I'm the dude that did it, I punched him in the face because he was outta line -- I look at him like, not the school yard bully, but the motherf*cking school that's always picking on a motherf*cker that don't f*ck with nobody -- to say something about a n*gga like Mef is crazy, Mef don't f*ck with nobody and that's my big brother...He got punched in his face because he tried to throw it off on Mef, throw it off on Deck...he tried to make it seem like a n*gga was 6'5, 400 pounds, sh*t like that, 18 year-old n*gga. I'm 30 plus, I'm a fat n*gga...I'm not gonna sit here and say Rae made me do it, that was a spontaneous decision on my own...I ain't gonna let nobody disrespect my big brother...I'm glad I did it, 'cause he got a big mouth...It wasn't actually planned, he could have actually changed that whole situation as it unfolded as it went on..." (Vlad TV)

Check out Mista Fab's interview below:

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