News: Memphis Bleek Throws Up The Roc, Appears In New Rocawear 10th Anniversary Campaign

Tuesday, Sep 22, 2009 4:20PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Jay-Z protege Memphis Bleek who has been chosen to appear in the new Rocawear 10th Anniversary campaign recently reflected on his history with the popular clothing line.

Speaking in one of the video trailers, Bleek opens up about his first run-in with Hov's brand.

"Where was I when I first heard of Rocawear?," Bleeks says in the video. "We was on the Hard Knock Life Tour and Dame Dash and Jay and them brought out some blue denim jean jackets with the gold, original Rocafella 'R.' I have a copy of one in my house still. So I say, we were on tour when I first heard about it and my most memorable Rocawear moment, had to be in Africa. The Africa photoshoot, that was over the top." (Rocawear 10th Anniversary Campaign)

Jay-Z confirmed reports of an upcoming Spike Lee-directed Rocawear 10th Anniversary advertisement being filmed last month.

"The commercial is about Rocawear, what we meant to the culture and the aspiration to maintain and be around for 10 years," Jay revealed in an interview. "So this guy, he's in advertisement, and he's in Rocawear, and he goes through the day as if he's Jay-Z. He looks out the window, in his mind -- because he's aspiring to make his own Rocawear -- there's a group of people outside and they're waving to him. As he walks away, reality sets in. Someone looks out the window, and no one's out there. He gets on the elevator, and he's thinking people are asking him for autographs; no one's there. He's on his way to building his empire, but he has Rocawear on, and that's a start. So he feels as if he's successful already...Spike Lee is one of the most important directors of our time...He gave us a voice and perspective in Do the Right Thing that touched on racial relations in Brooklyn and all these movies we grew up on that were so important to our growth." (MTV)

Reports of the partnership landed online in early August after they were spotted together with a film crew in Brooklyn, New York.

Has it really been 10 years since Rocawear first launched? Well with Jay-Z celebrating a decade of his own clothing line, Hov enlisted Spike Lee to shoot the advertisements celebrating his 10 years in the clothing game. Hit the jump to see more flicks from the shoot. (The Source)

Jay's Rocawear clothing line was recently approved for a global expansion into Greater China.

Iconix China has signed an expansion deal for its Rocawear brand, which was co-founded by rapper Jay-Z, in Greater China with Bosideng International Holdings. Bosideng will manufacture and distribute Rocawear men's and women's products from Spring 2010. It plans to open over 300 Rocawear free-standing stores and shop-in-shop concepts within the next three years. (Just Style)

Check out Memphis Bleek's cameo below:

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