News: Maino Speaks On Foxy Brown's Alleged Sex Tape, Calls Her A "Washed Up B*tch"

Thursday, Sep 24, 2009 11:55AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rapper Maino has spoken on Foxy Brown's alleged sex tape which landed online this week and has used the opportunity to taunt the fellow Brooklyn, New York emcee.

Speaking via Twitter, the "Hustle Hard" emcee shared his thoughts on the tape.

"I predicted it: Foxy and her sextape," Maino wrote Tuesday (September 22). "Go to youtube and type in foxybrown superhead and see tha washed up b*tch sucking d*ck. Hahaha...Listen, don't kill the messenger. I don't have nothing to do wit it. That's NOT my d*ck she's washing!!! I'm NOT the star or director of that movie people!" (Maino's Twitter)

Reports of the sex tape began to circulate yesterday afternoon.

Foxy Brown is the latest celebrity to have a sex tape leaked on the Web. The troubled 31-year-old rapper is the star attraction in what has been dubbed the "Foxy Brown Superhead Video," an ode to her, er, performance perhaps. In the steamy clip, a woman baring a striking resemblance to Brown is seen performing a sex act on an unidentified male. (American Superstar Magazine)

Bloggers have also suggested Maino's relationship with 50 Cent sparked the rapper's Twitter disses.

In February, Foxy Brown was furious after being mentioned on 50 Cent's diss track, "Officer Ricky". Now if you follow the degrees of separation, you'll see that Maino is in cahoots with 50 Cent - he helped co-sign Maino in his Atlantic deal. Tie it together. Foxy...are we gonna see you 'handle [him] Brooklyn style'? (Da Beef Bucket)

Aside from the scandal, Brown recently revealed her plan to fall back from the spotlight to concentrate on her forthcoming album.

"The album is, seriously, I thought I couldn't top Broken Silence, but it's scary, it's so crazy," Foxy said in an interview earlier this summer. "Everybody is like, 'Fox, please, please drop this album. Female rap is over, come on.' I've been in the studio." (Power 99)

Check out a recent Foxy Brown interview below:

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