News: Maino On MTV's Hottest MC List, "You Got N*ggas On Here That Can't Even Rap" [Video]

Tuesday, Sep 1, 2009 11:05AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Maino has called out MTV for their latest "Hottest In The Game" list, which includes Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, T.I. and Kanye West, and questioned how certain rappers could make the cut who have not released relevant music as of late.

While not naming any artist in particular, Maino voiced his thoughts on the annual list.

"Some of these people ain't had a record in years," Maino said while reviewing the list. "Is it based off record sales? Is it based off presence in the game? You got n*ggas on here that can't even rap. I don't claim to be this or that, I don't claim to be this nice or that nice, I'm just one of the realest n*ggas in the world -- Two straight summers I held down and there's a couple of these n*ggas that ain't had a summer song since 90-something. How you on the list of hottest in the game today, some of them should be hottest in the game overall or past years, no disrespect to some of them on the list but you got legends that did what they did and paved the way for me but at the same time, if you not relevant today -- then how are you on 'The Hottest MC's in the Game' list? They almost try to paint the perception of if you're not on the list, you're not hot." (This Is 50)

MTV previously released details on how their list is compiled each year.

In October, the reveal of MTV News' 2009 "Hottest MCs in the Game" list begins. Before you start running up on the MTV News Hip-Hop Brain Trust members on the street asking why Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G. or some of the other greatest MCs of all time aren't on the list, let's reestablish the criteria. For the criteria, we factor in the following: How the MC's words penetrate on the mic: Can their lyrics stab hearts, does their flow enthrall you? Obviously we look at how they implement their talent with the quality of music as well. The music is always primary, but not the only aspect of a Hot MC. We look at their success, both musical and entrepreneurial: Do they sell albums, singles and ringtones? Do they top the charts? Are their records heavily spun on the airwaves? Do they have businesses that flourish? Have they put other MCs in the game? Do companies clamor to get them to endorse products? And finally, there's the intangible, impact. (MTV)

50 Cent expressed his discontent with the annual list in an interview around 2007.

"I didn't see [the list] but they asked me about it," Fif said in an interview with DJ Clue. "Well you know, these c*ck suckers -- it's terrible man, it's almost impossible for you to maintain a position without just being a total idiot. God made all of us, so he knows to give me special attention -- [MTV personality] Sway should just jump in front of a bus on his way up here man for doing that -- he's a meathead. They're not using their brains anymore, man. There's a difference between a guy that has eight records and a guy whose built consistency." (Power 105)

Joe Budden previously sparked a brief rap beef with Method Man after calling out Vibe's compiled "Best Rapper Alive" list last spring.

"They're doing a play-off style bracket," Joe said in a video. "I'm ranked 32. Redman 9, you can make an argument. Love Method Man to death, he's No. 9. You mean to tell me that if Method Man was standing in front of my face right this second and we had to rap, back and forth, that Method Man would be the victor? Against me?" (Joe Budden TV)

Check out Maino's interview below:

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