News: Kid Cudi Talks Jay-Z "BP3" Guest Feature, "It Really Bugged Me Out"

Monday, Sep 7, 2009 10:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rap newcomer Kid Cudi recently spoke on being selected to appear on Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 album for their "Already Home" collaboration and explained the song's overall meaning.

Cudi also revealed how he was a fairly known artist when Jay decided to work with him.

"I was listening to the song in my iPod and I was just like 'Man, I'm on a song with Jay-Z, like, legitimately'" Cudi explained in an interview with DJ Semtex. "I recorded these vocals last summer when I didn't have no job and I was still grinding, I didn't have a deal, actually, and those are the same vocals. So the fact that I did it a year ago and he used it which he could have easily had somebody else do it and I could have got writer's credit, but he kept me on there and that's really dope. It really bugged me out -- it's bugged man [laugh], I don't know -- [The's songs meaning is] people always saying not saying this about Jay and they always critiquing the legend but this song is pretty much telling cats he's here to stay, he never left and why they want him to fall and it'll never happen 'cause it's the Roc." (DJ Semtex TV)

Cudi is one of the select few artists Hov decided to work with for his latest album.

1. What We Talkin' About ft. Luke Steele 2. Thank You 3. D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune) 4. Run This Town ft. Rihanna & Kanye West 5. Empire State Of Mind ft. Alicia Keys 6. Real As It Gets ft. Young Jeezy 7. On To The Next One ft.Swizz Beatz 8. Off That ft.Drake 9. A Star Is Born ft.J. Cole 10. Venus vs Mars 11. Already Home ft.Kid Cudi 12. Hate ft. Kanye West 13. Reminder 14. So Ambitious ft. Pharrell 15. Young Forever ft. Mr. Hudson (The Blueprint 3)

Originally slated to drop on Friday (September 11), the new project will land in retail stores tomorrow.

Jay-Z's The Blueprint 3 becomes the latest superstar album release to shuffle its release date, according to date changes on, and WEA's distribution Web site. The Roc Nation set, originally scheduled for release on Sept. 11, has been pushed forward to Sept. 8. The title was intended to drop on Sept. 11, on the eighth anniversary of the first Blueprint's release. Representatives for Jay-Z and Roc Nation could not be reached for comment at deadline. (Billboard)

Aside from music, Cudi recently discussed his role in the forthcoming HBO series "How To Make It In America."

"It was important to me early on to branch away from music and actually do something outside my comfort zone. When we were developing my character with the writers, I was telling them, 'Man, I don't want to be anything that has to do with music,' just because that's not really acting." (The Boom Box)

Check out Kid Cudi & Jay-Z's "Already Home" below:

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