News: Kid Cudi Plots Drake Collabo, "Me & Drizzle Are Definitely Working On Something" [Video]

Saturday, Sep 19, 2009 8:11AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rap newcomer Kid Cudi recently spoke on his relationship with Drake and said the two were in the process of brainstorming a possible collaboration.

In addition to Drizzy, Cudi also discussed the importance of rappers maintaining unity within hip-hop.

"That's how you gotta keep it man, that's how it was back in the day," Cudi said about maintaining a relationship with Wale and Drake. "You had different crews and stuff, but everybody was pretty much homies. Like in the Kid N Play days and Queen Latifah and LL [Cool J], everybody was cool, even Naughty By Nature. You know, it was unity and that's kinda what I want to do now. I kinda wanna bring that together. Me and Drizzle are definitely working on something. Yeah man, as soon as he gets better, we've been brainstorming, throwing some ideas around." (Rap-Up)

Drake publicly displayed his admiration for the Kanye West associate by saying Cudi inspires him last week.

"We are rarely proud when we are alone," Drizzy wrote on Tuesday (September 15) via Twitter. "But to have another artist who pushes me and inspires me is a blessing. @kidcudi Mazel Tov!" (Drake's Twitter)

Drake has also been called upon by Soulja Boy Tell Em for a collaboration.

"I got a song I'm working on, me and Drake was supposed to go out in the studio man," Soulja Boy said in an interview earlier this summer. "But he fell, he fell on-stage last night, so, hopefully we still gonna get it in. You know what I'm saying? He cool, but I don't know man. He took a pretty bad fall." (This Is 50)

The Mid-West rapper recently spoke with SOHH about Drake and T-Pain comparisons and not being part of a current trend in hip-hop.

"I'm not really comfortable with the word 'trend' and you throwing me in that group [laughs]," Cudi said about being compared to Drake and T-Pain. "But of course, it's inevitable when the media kinda takes something, a collection of things, and throw it all in the same box. But uhm, that's why I'm really excited about this album because once it drops and people hear it, they're gonna understand that like, that category you just mentioned, you'll never want to include me in it again. [laughs] I'm not like, part of that, I'm not a trend. You know what I mean? I'm kinda like, I've worked so hard to separate myself from anything that's trendy. You know what I mean?" (SOHH)

Check out Kid Cudi's interview below:

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